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statement: the number of the electricity supplier for the Internet to spread the numbers and I actually investigate

secret 1: what is the sales volume of Jingdong?

Jingdong has been known to their 2010 sales volume is 10 billion 200 million, 2011 30 billion 900 million, but according to the delivery data show that its sales volume is only 21 billion, but at the end of 2011 Jingdong by big customers of enterprise development and mass distribution pattern of Paohuo, as the number of end users through the online shopping consumer is generated, it can make nothing of it, I am afraid discount.

secret two: Jingdong’s gross margin in the end how much?

Jingdong has two modes, can be broken down into the following five categories:

purchase and sale of 3C: occupy half of Jingdong’s sales scale, is the lifeblood of Jingdong, gross profit margin of only 4~5%.

purchase and sale of home appliances: accounting for about 1/3 of the size of the Jingdong, two years of rapid force, which is the reason for Suning and the United States to fight back, but we only about 8% of the gross profit margin, small appliances 6~8%.

purchase and sale of large department stores (books, maternal and child, cosmetics, etc.): on its books, maternal and child, makeup and other purposes of analysis, the purchase and sale of large department stores in the gross margin between 10%~12%, accounting for about 1 of the size of Jingdong.

POP platform: last year, the POP platform has not to force, but due to the rapid sprint Jingdong, Jingdong started too late, and users are mostly male, so large department stores and POP platforms have some difficulty, currently accounting for less than 10% of the size of the Jingdong, is the most profitable, do not accept the logistics service, generally in the 8%~12%, accept the logistics service, in 20%~30%, according to the different categories of adjustment.

open services: including train tickets, tourism, real estate, etc., do not make money, just to do high flow IPO, access rate of only 2% of the cost, the actual access to elong after almost no traffic.

other including distribution, corporate customers, profit margins of around 2~3%.

based on share and gross margin:

Jingdong gross profit margin estimated between 7%~8%.

21 billion last year, the actual gross margin of about 1 billion 500 million.

secret three: how much is the cost of Jingdong in 2011?

Jingdong Sagittarius twenty thousand,

Jingdong distribution personnel generally higher cost, 6~8 million, the average salary of other staff (salary, tax, provident fund, etc.) in more than 80 thousand.

is expected to pay all expenses (including customer service, logistics) at around 1 billion 500 million.

remove people Maffei, technology and logistics expenses of Jingdong (rent, investment, technology.

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