Cross border electricity supplier farewell 0 tax the last wave of preferential attack

days ago, cross-border retail electricity supplier will implement the import of new tax news, finally confirmed the relevant departments of the state, "0 tax era" is coming to an end. For the new deal to take the largest part of the business model to take part in the bonded, in order to catch up before the implementation of the new deal to clean up inventory, have started to dump goods model. It is reported that the well-known domestic electricity supplier suning.com from the end of the month to open a "clear inventory model really is the theme of the half off rest assured purchase.

recently, the Ministry of Finance and other departments issued a notice, will be implemented in April 8th from the implementation of cross-border electricity supplier retail imports of new tax policy, so that the discussion before boiling finally subsided. As the industry has said, the implementation of the new deal is conducive to creating a fair competitive market environment, boost the long-term healthy development of cross-border electricity business. But for many of the current mode of using bonded businesses, because before a lot of stocking are child products and cheap cosmetics category, after the implementation of the new deal of these goods will be the first to face rising costs, and drive the price rise.


" in order to allow consumers to catch the last bus 0 tax era ", store goods with the most affordable price, this year we carefully prepared 4.1 big promotion activities, promotional efforts have greatly improved compared to previous years." According to suning.com market relevant person in charge, suning.com overseas purchase of 4.1 big promotion will be the main health food, clothing bags, department stores and other imported goods, some hot commodity has been ahead in March 28th has opened a panic buying.

reporter learned that, closely linked to the "true half off" theme, in this event, the price of many goods are as low as half off". Such as a price of 199 yuan PHILPS razor, the price of the big promotion period as long as $99; an original price of $298 in the United States love his German Aptamil milk powder, the price is only $99 during the big promotion.

in addition, during the event Suning will join LG, Sasa, Colgate, baby, hero, platinum with curiosity, Heinz, Abbott, Mead Johnson eight brands, launched low-cost panic buying big area.

although the new tax on short-term, many businesses to have an impact on the business, but from the long-term development of enterprises, is still a lot of good, companies have also launched the new deal for new development strategy. Suning.com market relevant responsible person said, according to the implementation of the new tax system, Suning has been ahead of the layout, including the future will be based on consumer demand and commodity characteristics of a more flexible way, in the entry goods logistics and operations to make corresponding adjustment, and manufacturers and brands together to optimize the commodity category planning, continue to develop prospect the huge cross-border electricity market.

"at the same time, Suning will continue to accelerate the construction of overseas and domestic bonded warehouse, overseas branches in the creation of overseas layout, to create a more perfect and efficient supply chain, enhance the consumer’s shopping experience." The responsible person said suning.com.

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