Where the electricity supplier or died of a bad user experience

huge investment, the founder of brilliant history, all over the subway sensational advertising, where the first big sales Chinese own brand in the market continue to attack cities and capture territories electricity supplier. However, the recent spread of the negative news, the possibility that the giant PPG all over again looks more and more.

where is the problem?

I think the biggest problem where the customer is a poor user experience. Last year, I bought a pair of shoes in every guest on. Get the hand, feel the quality is very general, because the price is very cheap, so it does not matter. This year, JiaBuZhu guest turns SMS, mail, subway advertising campaign, and bought a pair of canvas shoes, a pair of casual slippers. Shoes for a few days, disappointed. Canvas shoes feel extremely poor quality shoes, tail cloth there is a moment where the customer brand plate toss about, in my mind is equal to inferior goods. Another leisure slippers, if I am hard to squeeze, the foot will blister; if not hard, feel free to foot slipped out. From then on, I know I will never buy every guest products.

why is this so?

has a rich background of the Internet founder vintage, allowing the team to design a high conversion rate of the page, you can use the highest efficiency to do brand promotion, even through the self built logistics goods fast delivery. But all this is done well, but not the destruction of bad product quality. A not just big analogy, you and to attract customers, and then with lightning speed to a pile of garbage to the front of the customer, what is the result? I guess where the two purchase rate is not high, so your marketing costs will be high. If the order quantity is unable to continue to grow, the establishment of the technical team, logistics team, management team will become a huge cost burden. This is probably the reason where recent layoffs continue.

what should I do?

1 to learn traditional manufacturers, the establishment of a strong quality control system, a complete solution to product quality problems. If you can not guarantee the quality of products, it is better to launch products. Things worse, sell more, the greater the damage to the brand.

2 user satisfaction survey. Do not use online surveys, direct calls to customers. Ask them, how do you feel? Why don’t you buy it?. Do customer satisfaction survey this behavior itself can enhance customer satisfaction.

3 from the traditional business to attract talent, a group of Internet to leading physical products, can do? Suggest old volume, let a know the product, understand the business people to do CEO, responsible for their own field of marketing, technology platform for the development of good on the line. Of course, this requires courage and determination.


bought the ship export cotton socks every day until last year, the ankle is a circle of blood. At that time, I knew that the company has no future, and now it turns out to be the case. Every guest more money, now change, >

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