Darunfa in electronic commerce in traditional retail enterprises can counter attack

speed transit online sea news after the retail giant WAL-MART, Metro, recently announced a retail enterprise Darunfa into electricity supplier industry. It is reported that Darunfa company registered in Shanghai set up a joint venture company, flying cow Jida of electronic commerce, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. The electricity supplier website will be launched at the end, after the completion of consumers can buy goods on the Internet, the goods will be from the receipt of the RT Branch issued recently.

e-commerce over the years to seize market share, forcing the traditional retail industry had to pay attention to online try. Some industry sources said that the traditional retail business online shopping mall is the inevitable development of its future.

Darunfa quietly into the electronic commerce

Darunfa into e-commerce has been brewing for a long time, at present the main mode has been released. It is reported that Darunfa currently has 200 stores in mainland China, the main city, delivery within 24 hours, the store will become the network of retail facilities. The use of the store as an online storage center, and further use of store personnel distribution or use of the company’s own logistics.

in this regard, insiders said that the traditional supermarket to do e-commerce, from the business model, positioning the independent B2C online retail, conduct online retail, as well as the O2O mode, the line members and play the advantages of the store, upgrade services, and can carry out network marketing by using a large number of members. Distribution and retail networks are not in line with the supermarket genes, without considering.


, a large supermarket chain executives said, although everyone have to squeeze into the field of electricity providers, some foreign enterprises will e-commerce as its development engine, but the electricity supplier is still in the burn state, domestic enterprises to enter the electricity business is still relatively cautious, traditional retail to the success of e-commerce is still to be tested.

industry analysts also said that the future of the electricity supplier can be in traditional industries, there is a certain accumulation of physical stores. More and more traditional retail to join the cake to carve up e-commerce, traditional hypermarkets turn electricity supplier, but it seems that Suning should live very well, but do not do so.

traditional retailers have fought electricity supplier

ten years ago, WAL-MART has entered the e-commerce market, was expected to be outside the world, on the observation that WAL-MART has always lagged behind amazon. According to reports, Amazon in 2012 to achieve online retail sales of $61 billion, WAL-MART is estimated at only $7 billion 700 million. In the days before WAL-MART executives had announced in 2013 its electricity sales target of $9 billion, and about three strategic business development priority: the construction of the core market expansion, new technology platform, and perfect service system.

March 2012, the German retail enterprises Metro official online mall low-key debut, Metro supermarket layout in China online shopping platform is also accelerating the pace. >

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