Electronic mall music cool days off CEO bluntly competition too tragic

July 2010 a hot evening, when the cool days of Ejiri Yuichi in the CBD CEO mall, an open-air Cafe had confidently to the media described, "we are optimistic about the prospects of Chinese e-commerce market, also believe that the cool days will be a success in Chinese". The cool days of online shopping mall, the Japanese giant Lotte and Baidu joint venture company.

however, things did not go to Ejiri Yuichi’s expected direction. Two years later, the cool days in Chinese miscues, yesterday morning, the cool days of mall officially closed shop would become a "market The climate does not suit one. and exit Chinese well-known foreign enterprises.

with the cool days of the exit, the industry once again worried about the domestic electricity supplier through the burn, "how long can model peibenzhuanyaohe", who will become the next cool days



downsizing has not yet finalized

yesterday morning, the reporter opened the cool days of Chinese home page, only a closure notice left on the page, the original pictures of the goods has a superb collection of beautiful things all disappear. 400 customer service hotline has been disabled, the huge mall leaving only 2 mobile phone number, for consumers and businesses related consulting.

from today, the music cool day officially stopped trading, the rest of the main business is a refund." Music cool day, a responsible person said, since the 20 month of this week announced that the mall will be closed so far, the company has been busy for some consumers redeem points. With the mall officially closed, the conversion period has passed, the focus of the next step will be turned back to the merchant to return the deposit, annual fee and part of the tail.

in accordance with the relevant arrangements, music cool days will be the first to return all the deposit paid by the merchant, and then for the different businesses of the contract, the monthly payment of the annual fee paid back and tail. Return of consumer demand to accept the May 18th deadline for the final time, so businesses will refund slightly later than this, is expected by the end of May.

music cool day is’ quit ‘is not’ bankruptcy closed ‘, so there will be no arrears of payments to consumers and businesses." Music cool days repeatedly stressed. In addition to the money, music cool days need to recover as well as people".

"there is no way to determine the specific number of layoffs, because the joint venture will continue to operate." The person in charge said that music cool days and will not dismiss all employees. However, it is understood that, in addition to deal with the aftermath of the work of some of the staff, the music cool day most employees will be dismissed, the size of its joint venture will also be reduced, layoffs may refresh the record of domestic electricity business.


it is difficult to give a "low" final defeat

what makes Japan’s largest online shopping mall in China "go with broken halberds defeat? On the occasion, Ejiri Yuichi will cool day" defeated "down to two >

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