Jingdong to join the logistics group logistics business to third party merchants open

in order to attract businesses to join the Jingdong responsible person said through the Jingdong logistics services businesses will also be ranked in the search results in the front position.


source: Vision China

November 23rd, Jingdong released Jingdong logistics brand logo, officially announced that Jingdong logistics will be the way to operate the brand of social business to open.

this means that the third party merchants can enjoy the same service with Jingdong self logistics. Businesses can even include Jingdong, including all electronic business platform warehouse distribution logistics outsourcing to Jingdong logistics, no longer need to rent their own coffers, hiring warehouse managers, shipping and after-sales.

Jingdong fully open to third party logistics capacity of the background is that these businesses have become a guarantee of rapid growth in sales of Jingdong. Third party merchants bring revenue, the proportion of the total revenue in the Jingdong platform in the rising.

Jingdong third quarter earnings report, open platform business accounted for the proportion of revenue in the quarter reached 45%, higher than market expectations. Currently on the third party platform Jingdong, a total of more than 22 thousand merchants settled, most of which are derived from clothing and consumer goods.

however, in the past third party platform business although the great contribution to the sales for the Jingdong, but they are difficult to provide as fast as a service like Jingdong owned, Jingdong hopes to open the "Jingdong logistics" to ensure that the user experience.

with the retail industry of online and offline integration, customization and precision supply trend, the current Chinese logistics industry still has a high cost of the supply chain, logistics socialization is not perfect, the season can not guarantee the customer experience and other new industry pain points, suffering a huge challenge to the supply chain transformation to a large number of businesses in the retail business in terms of industry.

clothing electricity supplier Lining, for example, not only in the sales side of the traditional branch, dealer inventory, B2B inventory, as well as specifically for the electricity supplier B2C inventory. Different sales channels corresponding to different positions, but the simple management mode makes each warehouse relatively split, unable to complete the unified allocation, replenishment, transport and distribution work. Once one of the class of goods is not enough, the other positions also need temporary allocation, which will increase the cost of management, to extend the time of the end of the supplier or client receipt.

Jingdong can help Lining to achieve, is a unified solution for different channels of order processing.

Jingdong warehouse and sales integration origin warehouse, all orders will Lining access the same system, to achieve full channel inventory sharing, reduce the number of redundant inventory and warehouse transfer, shortening delivery time. Since the end of last year, since nearly a year of cooperation, Lining’s operational efficiency and inventory allocation have been effectively optimized, warehouse storage efficiency increased 2 times, the warehouse storage area decreased by 8%.


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