Taobao shop shop process Xinshoubikan

careful friends must have found that Taobao has a business shop, Taobao online shopping are all very understand, then Taobao Taobao mall isolated called Tmall mall, open again "Taobao business shop" business in June 4, 2015, Taobao. Taobao enterprise shop more standardized than Taobao, the strength is not strong Tmall, is the two compromise approach, can not afford to open the Tmall store for SMEs, is a good news. So, how to open the shop Taobao

?The application of Alipay

(real name authentication type) service users should provide the following information to the Alipay company:

a, in the name of the legal person to apply for certification

business license, the legal representative of the identity documents or (copy of identity documents (with red chapter), the bank to the public account.

1, open the, login Alipay account, click on the [

] immediately point to this application;


2, click [immediate certification];


3, click [start authentication];


4, fill in the basic information of the enterprise and corporate information; merchant certification company name does not support the column to fill in the middle (warm tips: mobile phone number only supports 11 digits).



5, verify fill in information, click [OK] submit. If you do not understand can contact Chen QQ:274004600


6, upload business license pictures and corporate documents picture


7, enter the bank account information;


8, the bank account to fill in the success of the staff waiting for the audit (warm reminder: must wait for the successful completion of the artificial audit of the public accounts to start remittance; if the audit is not successful, no remittance.



9, after the success of artificial audit, waiting for the bank card to the company’s public bank account to play


10, fill in the remittance amount



11, authentication success


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