Alibaba is the fastest growing entertainment new earnings double eleven party will be a large scale

this quarter, the fastest growing, is the squad leader Yu Yongfu has just served as chairman and CEO of Alibaba entertainment group.

Beijing time on the evening of November 2, 2016, the Alibaba group announced 2017 second quarter of fiscal year (July 1, 2016 to September 30th) earnings, quarter group revenue grew 55%, reaching 34 billion 292 million yuan; core business revenue grew 41%, reaching 28 billion 493 million yuan; mobile monthly active users in a single quarter net increase of 23 million to 450 million.


group quarter adjusted EBITA (income tax depreciation and amortization) rose 42% to 14 billion 593 million yuan, adjusted profit rate was 43%; among them, the core business of the adjusted EBITA margin of 62%. Excluding cash in nature, equity incentives and revaluation gains of individual projects, quarter adjusted earnings rose 41% to 12 billion 949 million yuan, adjusted diluted earnings per share of 5.26 yuan, exceeding market expectations 12%.

Zhang Yong, chief executive officer of

Alibaba group, said: Alibaba has a good harvest. We are very pleased to see that the core business strong performance over the cloud computing business continued rapid expansion, new digital media and entertainment business integration has great potential. By providing users with a high degree of customization of content to enhance the user’s online experience, we hand over a very good financial and operational data."

according to Alibaba’s official press release, in the first quarter, the first time beyond the mobile terminal Ali mobile terminal. This quarter, China’s retail platform mobile terminal revenue of 18 billion 710 million yuan, an increase of 78%. Mobile terminal revenue accounted for 78% of China’s retail platform, representing a substantial increase over the same period last year, accounting for 61%. Each mobile monthly active users revenue contribution, 87 yuan from the same period last year, up to $151 in the quarter.

cloud computing, revenue for sixth consecutive quarters to achieve the growth of the figure of three. This quarter, the number of Ali cloud subscribers increased to 651 thousand, to promote revenue grew by 130%, reaching a record high of $1 billion 493 million. Cloud computing paid subscribers grew by 108%, covering finance, health care, public transport, energy, manufacturing, government agencies, games, multimedia and other industries and corporate types.

is worth mentioning, digital media and entertainment business, Alibaba cultural entertainment sector synergy effect previews. The business quarter revenue of 3 billion 608 million yuan, an increase of 302%. Although the amount of income cannot be compared with the core business, but in the integration of UC, including Youku, Ali Ali Ali pictures, music, sports, games, literature and other business Ali Ali, "monitor" Yu Yongfu.

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