A laptop in the eyes of 618 electricity supplier price war

in the 618 electricity price restless battle yesterday ", in whose heart hurt?" the article mainly introduced the 618 anniversary of the main activities of the electricity supplier, with the right has been Lenovo Y400N-IFI ready to start to join the major electricity supplier gangster, discovered that in fact is not like before mentioned, the original you chiefs have left hand


Mall: leading bags, clothing shoes clearly say special, today suddenly changed their mind, to the four war zone, respectively, Liu explosion area, the category of special promotions, brand promotion, special member Liu District, the scene is very lively, it is said that the early morning of June 18th, only 7 minutes appliance category sales have exceeded 40 million. In the shopping search box enter the Lenovo Y400N-IFI, GT650 CPUi5 graphics model, but said no goods, even more exasperating is the type into a Y400M, Liu do not take this end of the


fast and easy network: the blocking Jingdong 618, fast and easy net is determined, has launched an upgraded version of expensive double difference, making the network fast and easy to harvest in 6 months. But to the specific shopping page, so I shaleyan, Lenovo Y400N-IFI (H), GT750, i5 even offer 5499, was lower than that of Y400N-IFI, now more than 200 yuan expensive Jingdong. What you will lose, you should come to the possession of a horse, said a.

Dangdang: I just want to say Dangdang tail collection is still reliable, two models of powder is very open, Y400N-IFI the same i5CPU, graphics card GT650 lower than the GT750 price of 100 yuan, of which GT6504888 yuan. But when the so-called electronic products to the provisions of the first payment after the inspection is very miserable, then there is a requirement on the screen black spots does not exceed the national standard of 335 said even if normal, what kind of thing? National brother, you want to make one, just I am afraid of the heart.

: Gome online 2012 annual results, the four giants in the electricity supplier, the United States is the bottom. The United States is 618 spell of the capital, i5CPU, GT650, only just 4699, the lowest price here, there. Unlike Jingdong engage in gimmicks, easy fast network is not good faith, there are already 105 orders, the United States has been slowly rising in the online.

Tmall Mall: grab digital home appliances, copy the reserve price, the return of red envelopes, 6.18 only this day. See commodity activities let me echocardiography, sad is not seen again and again, blame yourself slow hand. Back to the topic, for Tmall’s 400 million red envelopes, I search for Y400N-IFI (i5, GT650) found parity, the minimum should be 4800, red Tmall does not know where to go, can go to the United States


is just a laptop, in addition to the United States online good point, Jingdong mall, easy fast network,, Tmall mall this to users? Up to 400 million the cost of advertising investment, to attract customers just do things carelessly, eliminating "

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