Learning plateau phenomenon in Shanghai dragon encounter

3. do you find that when you rank up no conversion only flow but not what you need.

4. do you find that when you think your station do is good enough time, suddenly algorithm updates the missing keywords, ranking no, you said you before in the station how cattle brought much traffic what.


2. you are always in the BBS or platform to send some meaningless postings.

1. will have a "empty cup" and "calm" heart, keep on learning, not included and confused to the current ranking or, to think of a way to innovation, the user needs to make your website forever when the user clicks. The Internet industry increasingly fierce competition now, there are some cheating emerge in an endless stream "white hat", do the webmaster see many webmaster said after buying links how much, how many, the results can not help but go to buy, the right to be reduced.

How do

1. you are in the process of the hair chain that no matter how you send the chain, you cannot always included rankings couldn’t get on.

from the above screenshot that he met a lot of people will encounter problems, I also met feel like understand, actually a lot of things to learn in the wrong direction. I call this "plateau phenomenon", the learning curve is derived from the education psychology movement skills. Practice curve of motor skill learning showed that practitioners started fast progress, the curve is one of the obvious or long or short period of pause progress, later progress is slow. Pause in the middle of the stage that plateau.

2. to do a live "bottom", when you rise in the ranking to find out soon because the key words for your website to suddenly have so much traffic, when your keywords ranking dropped to search for reasons, because the site out of the question as a result of the.

in Shanghai Longfeng road has just begun, may go smoothly may go very hard, if you want to give up, when there is no motivation to stop and think about, what do you study in Shanghai Longfeng, whether it is intentional or not to learn, if you feel good on the road stick to it, no matter what things are ordinary things do repeat, this road may be very long and boring, but looked up at the home of those web sites require you to provide something useful for the optimization of the user, you will.

meet the above situation


believes that a lot of learning Shanghai dragon will be more or less confused, confused, do not know the direction of development, why I will not hesitate to plunge into this line, now stuck to find a way out. See some screenshots in the following: blue, green is the answer.



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