Understand the chain exchange risk chain optimization techniques

With the continuous progress of love

Shanghai algorithm, more and more webmaster friends began to realize the importance to friends of the chain, because the love of Shanghai new algorithm for the relative weakening of the role of the chain, enhance the foreign chain related requirements, at the same time, pay more attention to the quality of the chain of the platform itself, and Links as an important form of the chain, if the operation is very good, you can also find some high quality related website platform for friends of the chain, the website rankings is very important.

second, but is still down the right site in the chain, some is right down the site in order to enhance their website ranking naturally as soon as possible, want to find some right down to the site as soon as possible, and associated with the site chain, of course this kind of website itself in the down right after, in the search engine related included the information will not immediately disappear, will appear after some time, this website is easy to do friends chain many webmaster friends confused. When others through this kind of tools to check just be right down the website included, will always display the good included quantity, on the front page of the site is also very has the brand characteristics, for friends of the chain is a good choice, but this site once, is likely to make your website affected. Even suffered several penalties.

third, the number of sites for friends of the chain should not be too much, now the Internet site is designed by some friends of the chain and others to profit, so the number of friends of the chain on the site has more than one hundred, the lower half of the whole page is basically occupied by friends of the chain, because the number of this kind of website chain so, the weight of their own website or general >

first, although the website and your friends of the chain, but did not bring you into the weight, because many knowledgeable webmaster friends can be observed and your friends of the chain website source code, in fact, friends of the chain, some malevolent stationmaster friends although willing and some of the weight of relatively low site chain, this often make these sites can be imported in fact overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, a link to your site, often on the hyperlink added nofollow attribute, as well as through JavaScript script language, the import link opens the failure mode, love Shanghai spiders on the page can not read, but is able to display, and can click into the chain of friends this website, on the surface and the normal chain as many webmaster can cheat trust.

recommended chain was greater than the chain of recommendation, because friends of the chain in the search engine algorithm that is the best embodiment of the principle of Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. However, in recent years in the crazy optimization of the chain, the chain chain should ignore the importance of course has become the norm, now with the Shanghai love algorithm innovation, let the war long friends have a new understanding of the friends of the chain in the development of the course of the years, began to appear many tricky, so many webmaster friends do not understand it is easy to hit, let oneself to others, others do not help yourself! Reciprocity chain is not reflected.

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