Network marketing from entry to the master postscript open the door to search marketing community

, I have in-depth study of "WeChat Shanghai dragon", the WeChat Shanghai Dragon into my whole system in Shanghai dragon. "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword" and "WeChat Shanghai dragon", representing the PC age of the Internet and mobile Internet era of the top, suitable for network marketing in Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon in the eyes of many people, is a very mysterious, very esoteric things, it seems that senior talent network will use. And I tell you, in fact, Shanghai dragon.

at the beginning of August 2008, I Chinese in Alibaba station opened a blog, started to venture to blog based positions, entrepreneurial project is Shanghai dragon optimization and training, network marketing, web transaction type. I was the first to promote Shanghai dragon in Chinese station of Alibaba. I only one year in the Alibaba Chinese station started the popularity, and won the 2009 annual Alibaba ten excellent blog award, the prize awarded by the Ma autograph.

e-commerce development up to now, has not only simple search marketing era, it is not only a simple social marketing era. Only the Shanghai dragon and social media closely together, search marketing and community marketing closely together, network operators can put the network marketing to do better. "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword", realize the combination of the two, it can give to bring traffic, and can greatly improve the conversion rate of flow.

"network marketing" from entry to the master, this is the first of my official publication of the book marketing network.

With the arrival of the era of WeChat

more than 6 years, many people have abandoned the blog, I still insist on writing. By the end of November 2014, my personal blog on the original article nearly 1000 articles, blog traffic up to 7 million 500 thousand. At the same time, my article published on the forum, Ali Ali district. According to incomplete statistics, my article of the entire community traffic in Alibaba Chinese station, more than 20 million. Millions of Ali are read my article, and because of my article and benefit. Because in the Alibaba Chinese station on the great influence, because the marketing theories and methods in recent years for the popularization of network Chinese unremittingly Shanghai dragon, I firmly established the "first person" Chinese e-businessmen Shanghai dragon industry status.

through research, practice and innovation in 6 years, I created a unique set of Shanghai dragon marketing system, I use this system named "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword", it covers Ali Shanghai dragon + independent website of Shanghai dragon + Shanghai dragon blog + Forum + B2B + Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng ask Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng library + + Video + micro-blog Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. "Shanghai dragon Lonely Nine Sword" can be said to be by far the most comprehensive Shanghai Longfeng marketing system, but also the most suitable for ordinary friends Chinese thousands on thousands of search marketing network + social marketing system.

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