The site was linked to horse you have what good solution

2, noble baby detection, after the completion of website uploaded to the server, the nobility baby search my lottery website program site detection;


3, successfully solved the problem of the site is linked to the horse, I will go to the corresponding platform complaints (such as love Shanghai security alliance complaints, etc.), to let them know that I have dealt with these.

2, check the website information, found abnormal: site title was changed into the gaming aspects.


1, choose a professional testing tools, such as

1, I won the lottery website program backstage address, backstage management user and password;

website is a common manifestation of the horse:

found my lottery website program is linked to the horse, there is something I have to do:

2, pay attention to the root of the site if there is abnormal formation of new articles;

Kima Kiyomichio;

site was linked to horse situation we often heard there to see, but they may not really encountered. Although the website is linked to the horse or attack seems very serious, but most are some lottery tickets, such as medical website. You may think that your site is linked to the horse a very small chance, but learn a skill that you will not suffer, what day will the horse. Now I would like to introduce the form of website is linked to the horse and some solutions.

4, manual inspection, open my lottery website program site, click on the right button to view the source file, according to the type of web can also check whether the trojan.

, 3 anti-virus software to detect, commonly used antivirus software can detect


2, FTP or a remote login password, the password length generally I would set the longer, more complex;

1, in QQ to send URL, there will be a dangerous website;

such sites linked most often means is in the corresponding ASP, HTM, JS file, insert a call to JS mode. There is a server that is linked to the horse after. The server is linked to the horse how to find? Such as lottery website program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ web server is my horse, my methods are:

because I mainly is to optimize the lottery website, are often hung on the gambling information, but also because of loopholes in the system, the site code defects, then we employ professional and technical personnel to write code, solve some system vulnerabilities, code defects. I also pay attention to the monitoring of the lottery website program site, analysis is horse, here I share some tips:

, usually site yourself without 3W domain name, to see if there are people engage in malicious pan analysis;


3, with the owners.


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