Optimization of personnel should be aware of the love of Shanghai search and no change

of course, if an Internet product for more than ten years unchanged, is unthinkable. The adjustment of the algorithm, to combat piracy and strict audit contents, blow the chain business, a variety of products (Post Bar, collaborative encyclopedia, know, these changes also love Shanghai) search.


if someone asks China Internet development for more than 20 years, what is the minimum range of products? I would say love Shanghai search. Nothing else, we look at the shape of portal for almost one or two years will be a major revision, once Miami forum now can’t find one, don’t say we are more commonly used by those desktop applications or mobile applications, various versions are more in love with the sea or emerge in an endless stream, like the first few labels: a box. Not only has not experienced major changes, the kernel also changes little love Shanghai. Or bidding. In order to rankings, or even the first Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon people are still in Shanghai Longfeng, just post up, the salary has increased. This is the same love Shanghai search.

optimization method of changeable

for the optimization of personnel, we may change the search for love Shanghai more attention, because the search for any move, are likely to affect the site’s ranking and included. Attention to changes are needed, according to the change of Shanghai Longfeng strategy adjustment, it is necessary to. However, there are some constant love Shanghai search, we may be ignored. In my opinion, the same, for Shanghai Longfeng work is necessary, but also need to know the Shanghai dragon er.

with the new platform of the Internet a lot, such as social networking sites, from the media, these platforms are can be a lot of content creation, and the new production of the content, the search engine will want to achieve collection >

around the search, love Shanghai developed many categories of products, for example, know, Wikipedia, Post Bar library, mobile applications and these ancillary products, and the other said that users billions of mobile applications, such as wireless, mobile phone assistant 91 love Shanghai love Shanghai, mobile phone input method, Android master and so on, these products or increase the user, or to improve the search. However, as one Google executives said, the purpose of the search is to allow users to quickly roll out. That is to say, the search is a tool, a very useful tool. It is very weak for single use sticky user. Can someone two hours in Taobao, can be a half day at micro-blog, all day long in WeChat, but there are few people in the search for more than 10 minutes, if there is a search engine that allows users to use it in a long time, so that the search engine must be a failure of the product. The tool attribute search, should be loved by Shanghai cognitive, aware of this, love Shanghai should not increase user stickiness on wasting time.

and ranking mechanism unchanged

changing product layout and the same tool attributes

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