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Shanghai Dragon

ER Shanghai dragon how to face a strong counter attack competitors, we all know that in Shanghai the search results, if you are diligent, so your site will be in the search results in front, but when you become lazy, you will be ranked down, so the site is in Shanghai dragon the same, if when you relax will fall behind others.

As for the

second: internal optimization

manufacturing site outside the chain is probably the most boring thing, because want to leave your site links in each site, and not every open a website can leave a link, so the chain resources also need to rely on the usual accumulation, here recommend to everyone outside the chain method, construction the blog, BBS signature, favorites or RSS submission, inquiry platform, Links platform, in fact, most of the time, the chain method does not need too much, only two or three, and then was to carry out, can be repeated every day.

for the internal website optimization is actually not much, is the main internal structure adjustment website, here including keyword density adjustment of web page, using the H tag, add a picture of ALT tag, random call the column and the new call, Links layout etc..

list page is considered to do long tail keywords ranking, adjust the layout of the keywords, the list column title and the title bar can set the long tail keywords, also can add some custom language at the bottom, the main function is to improve the density of the key word page, best to add the station the call function, if do not understand the above said, 贵族宝贝dyleku贵族宝贝/dongzuo/ can refer to the layout of the page, the page layout are useful to the aspects mentioned above, can refer to a >

site of the Shanghai dragon daily work is two, as the content of the website is updated, another is the construction of the chain website, but these two things seem very simple, but extremely boring, many Shanghai dragon ER is give up because they can not every day this boring work, what how to do these two things.


: the first Shanghai Longfeng daily work

first, the best content to the original, if not, you can consider using some pseudo original technique to do, here is not recommended you to use software, because the readability of the software is poor, when finishing the attention must be paid to the key words, and try to highlight it, and around the main keywords weaving content, let the search engines can understand what is the time to grab the key, also let users understand what you write, in addition to the above, but also do anchor text links in the article, the best to the intersection, this can ensure that the search engine grab more content page.

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