From the angle of analysis of Shanghai dragon how to choose the domain name and the corresponding sk

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3 domain names containing not often see the sign, but do not contain the domain name registration is underlined, this domain name is "the first" copycat, second is not a good memory, throughout the domestic famous website, the domain name in the underlined domain estimation is not.

5 do not English and digital and use, because some users will not pay attention to the details of the domain name, such as I and English in Arabia digital 1 alike, a netizen attention will be wrong, so in order to prevent this phenomenon, the domain name choice or do not use good English and digital.

above is the domain name choice, we should pay more attention to what, here I introduce some skills when choosing the corresponding domain name.

before I wrote an article, is that in addition to a site outside the chain of high quality content and stable, in some of the details also should pay special attention to the details including the choice of the domain name. But most owners do not care about this, because the owners think that as long as the site is successful, the domain name will fire, but now is a "fast", in the domain of choice to fit the characteristics of the times, to do a good job in this respect, can often win big opportunities than competitors.

Avoid Choose the best贵族宝贝

embedded in the 4 domain keywords, as I said before, we do not need to use the name of the domain name, just need to products or keywords we need to cut the domain name on the line, it is propitious to optimize the site.

and I found that many webmaster China are in love in the name of the company or its name to name names, but this method is not very appropriate, from Shanghai Longfeng point of view, this is not conducive to optimizing. For example, you fall in love with the sea search Shanghai dragon, out of the site of the domain name is containing the word, so when choosing a domain name on the site, we should send your product or service letter on the domain name, this is very beneficial to search engine optimization, effect can be better than the general name.


domain name of the website, for help.

1 domain name suffix, because although there are many, but the domain name for users easier to remember, and in the search engine, with other suffix domain name ranking in con (to register the domain name from Shanghai Dragon technology perspective, the first is贵族宝贝, then.Net, then.Org taking into account the country domain name, such as.Cn,贵族宝贝.cn etc.).

6 can be ignored in the domain of words, such as of, as etc..


2 domain name selection should be brief, too long to spelling mistakes, but also to other people can take advantage of the machine, for example, how many people can spell the Lenovo Lenovo in China, how many people will fight DELL DELL, that is definitely the latter number.

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