Stop to do better on the Shanghai Dragon

in order to update the content and update the content

When I saw

, not

a lot of people, is to update and update! Think that as long as the site has new articles, so that a search engine should be given attention, it should give weight to give ranking, give traffic! But I’m sorry, the search engine every day in the face of the astronomical huge amount of information, why is it you prefer?

but do not stop! Stop, think, why do? What is the station traveling? What station is the search engine users also love love the station? How do the station is more


if your content is the so-called pseudo original (mood barrier, incoherent, keyword stuffing, etc.) in the face of increasingly intelligent engine, and can gain much impression? Especially the contents of cheating in the site, now the engine has begun to intensify the crackdown, we can look at the love of Shanghai released a case of cheating you can find the site content, in the future, only the standard and reasonable and meets the needs of users, is the engine of love:

so, you should do is not to update and update, but to provide more valuable content to your users and update! Update is not much, but in essence, is meticulous, is valuable! Every update is a must, but every day a lot less necessary to update


webmaster know, keep updated every day is to let the search engine included fast and increase the basic work of trust! However, it is annoying, although the daily diligent update, however Pastebin is still not ideal, the ranking is in sight! Why?

!< > and full of complaints!

if your content is collected, then the engine included an article every you, is to give the engine a burden. If you care, is the engine, you will like this nice

A5, Chinaz im286, the owners of these popular forum day tens of thousands of water when the paste, I found that too many personal webmaster, already in hand speed movement of a mechanical type, grab the snapshot, leaving the signature, the chain, no thinking, no rest, hard, but


do you have one day in the night, in the face of the flickering screen, suddenly dazed look around, ask yourself: am I doing all this really do? Really do have value? Really accomplish my purpose?


you must find a make you feel boring, boring and helpless to do the right station method! Stop, in order to better do the Shanghai dragon


(in this case through the stack keyword to achieve the purpose of flow related to attract. Although there is a strong correlation with the title, keywords, but can not provide the required content.

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