Whether looking for love Shanghai news source grab the mystery

3, comprehensive website about: Tencent, NetEase, ifeng贵族宝贝,

? released the timeliness factor

, why is love Shanghai news sources included: six a

4, significantly enhance the soft reprint rate;

can be love Shanghai "included are not one hundred percent things, not to mention the love Shanghai news. Want to own as much as possible to be included, then choose one of the website published an article is the key.

2, the content of original elements of

2, increase the weight of the website and browse volume;

1, a substantial increase in the site’s authority letter and influence;

3, greatly improve the site keywords ranking;

two, how to choose the love Shanghai news source site? I do not know much, five share:

An article in

Following the above

a lot of news that we are seeing has been reprinted several times before, if you want to own post become the version first appeared in the Internet, the effective way is to have the original content, only their own original, not published in.


6, significantly enhance the value of advertising website.

2, mold class news source website: international network, mold mold

three, becomes the love of Shanghai news source article what are the requirements? Five elements:

5, a substantial increase in product brand effect;

The news source

news first look at the content, but pay attention to an instant, the request is a "new", published by the time, the sooner the probability of love Shanghai news to grab more, so that a hand is very important.

soft Wen promotion effect is to be love Shanghai, Google and other search engines included, now many companies rely on soft, get a lot of profit, the soft has great infectious and spread, many companies hesitate to spend money to publish some soft website, so soft, just love Shanghai included can meet of course? If not, love can be Shanghai news source to grab, will get the effect is not to be underestimated, so many people are in this piece of fat, but not everyone can fight, everything should pay attention to skills.

1, Longfeng class industry Shanghai news sources are: A5, Donews, Chinaz, Toocle,

4, can be included in the news source website: comprehensive portal website, professional news website, local information harbor, newspapers and magazines, radio and television media, professional and industry sites, government and organization website.


5, can not be included in news Institute website: personal website, website, blog, forum, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas media.

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