Only 2% owners know to build key thesaurus rankings strategy


1. website optimization direction, guidance content update

2. related construction, the construction of the chain guide in

(2) if the words of your website is only limited to the amount of the core words, then your keyword coverage is definitely not enough. What is the keyword coverage? Keywords hypothesis on the Internet about "site optimization" is 100, and the keywords of your web site only website optimization, website optimization, website optimization techniques, rookie website optimization and so on Related words, that is 10, then the site keywords "your website optimization" coverage only only 10%. In fact, when the vast majority of owners in the management of the site, the site keywords are not even to ten, then the user search keywords, some keywords your site is not, you will lose a lot of traffic to your site, competitiveness is not enough! Please remember key word coverage P= website keyword / keyword (keywords

(1) each website has the core content and the auxiliary content of it, the website when doing keyword optimization, most of the webmaster or er in Shanghai Longfeng do Shanghai Longfeng, optimization is the core keywords, which is the main website keywords. Such as you do the product, so the main assumption is that the compressor, your website is keyword compressor.

(3) to the site to establish key thesaurus, we can have to optimize website of keywords, to guide the website update. When each update of the content on the website, the content they need to update the site keywords, if not your site keywords, update has no meaning. Add the keyword is not too much, the one or two can be a good keyword optimization, the content will be great value. Maintenance of these keywords, your keywords ranking is steadily rising, the overall ranking will slowly come up. The key is to add the appropriate, not abruptly added to look natural. Add a few specific keywords is not required, as long as the text can be smooth and natural, unobtrusive.

rankings has been a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar webmaster all know, 98% keywords optimization, but the key is to optimize your keywords keywords thesaurus your website created by myself or your existing network form? Your site is belonging to the brand of your words? With this problem, rookie webmaster home owners and you learn together to create lexicon rankings only 2% did not know the webmaster strategy.

first, the establishment of key vocabulary what is the role of


(4) in addition to optimizing the core keywords, pay attention to expand keywords, but also grasp some related words, long tail keywords, the timeliness of keywords, the key to enrich your vocabulary, increase your keywords coverage rate.

(1) said this problem may say is not clear, we give an example to talk about. That key is "keywords >

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