Love Shanghai spark plan the blacksmith needs its own hardware



recently occasionally heard a word: there are three bitter life since ancient times: "the blacksmith, boat, grinding tofu; — this is certainly not me; don’t know exactly who come from the mouth, but I know: This is definitely a pirated goods (words), because can not find its original source head. Have a friend told me: where the fate of pirated goods almost is the same, but they will always experience a person to another person, and then it will become: "I speak"! That is the unique culture China unspoken rule! But in any case, the past few years, China because of some reason resulting in a huge outbreak of evil culture: in reality always like imitation, piracy, and frantically copying other people’s products, in this piece of land "ism" prevails, these qualities are the practice of soil, and the better play to the extreme and the use of the Internet is in industry: because with great economic and commercial interests of the industrial chain, the cost and risk of the outbreak of inferiority is limited to moral, so no outbreak of white white outbreak outbreak, who does not break out? "The idea of being fully obtained Irrigation sowing transmission, causing most people heart "low resonance", so "crazy copy" breeding ground has thus increased after expanding


wrote here, think of childhood had a dream: then repeatedly dreamed of Pyramid, and every time almost exactly the same fear of becoming Pyramid’s labor, but he did become; and now, in the network world, is not Pyramid; even when some.

in the Internet world, along with the increase of copy "and created a problem: who will maintain the plagiarism world order? The Internet world who bear the responsibility? Dominate the Internet direction of the user or have some mechanism of large quantities of users? In addition, who is the boss? The boss can dominate everything? – I think it all seems to is a false proposition! In this magical world, in this country of cheating, fake truth seems to be always true, and these fake so-called" realistic "false proposition, even if the longitudinal is only has an answer. The so-called" answer "with a ruler and ruled the world to be mentioned in this full! Look forward to a more fair human world, some ideas will make people feel ridiculous, funny

however, however, in the use of the Internet resources integration costs ridiculously low China Internet world, isn’t it true network industry dominate and guide? Who is to examine and reflect on the current Internet and stop these "thieves" consequences? If said: no maintenance of Internet community order, who will take the online world more and more cheating responsibility?


is the Internet community, no boss, who can dominate the world Internet? — this seems therefore should not spit out from people’s mouth! Is this type of words and ideas of the people should go back to another sky

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