Sohu micro blog keywords ranking also follow the principle of word segmentation

This paper consists of

1, Xiamen to Guangzhou freight logistics company

3, Xiamen to Guangzhou logistics freight

2, Xiamen to Guangzhou logistics


4, Xiamen to Guangzhou logistics company


Sohu micro-blog recently by the fire, many webmaster friends favor, not because the Sohu micro-blog function or the impact, but in the Sohu micro-blog content could soon be love Shanghai search engines to crawl, and quickly let the words have a good ranking; looking at the webmaster friends by Sohu doing micro-blog keyword some competition is relatively small, which can quickly row to the first page, you have a heart, there is an idea in mind: whether to follow the principle of love Shanghai Sohu micro-blog word

the following two keywords, for the name is not fully matched, but still have very good ranking Keywords:

thank you for your cooperation!




5, Xiamen to Guangzhou freight company

seen from the above experiment, the long tail keywords Sohu micro-blog do, also has the Chinese word segmentation principle, and each keyword rankings are pretty good, from the 5 key words in the query, only one row to the second page, so webmaster friends should take advantage of Chinese segmentation principle, do more keywords, let more keywords ranking; not just in order to register a Sohu micro-blog to promote a long tail keywords.

Chinese segmentation principle for webmaster friends should be very familiar, a simple sentence can be divided into several forms, so that more of the keywords ranking. From the Sohu micro-blog keyword ranking experiments, it also follows the principle Chinese segmentation, first register an account in the Sohu micro-blog, the name "Xiamen to Guangzhou freight logistics company", the name can be divided according to the principle of word segmentation, divided into several forms: "Xiamen to Guangzhou, Xiamen to" logistics "Guangzhou freight logistics", "Xiamen to Guangzhou logistics company", "Xiamen to Guangzhou logistics company", "Xiamen to Guangzhou freight company", then they are ranked? Let’s take a look at:


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