Sharing experience through love Shanghai know a new brush drop down box


that is what I want to do today, let others in the search of hotel reservation, there (hotel reservation, Le you live) this keyword, so invisible to your website to bring potential customers. We can look at the hotel drop-down box is the word:

to do the webmaster, we all know love Shanghai knows the importance of promotion, also have a good understanding of love in Shanghai know the difficulty of promotion. In recent months, the link cannot be made, even sensitive articles will be shielded. Today, I only share my love through a method, how to know Shanghai brush out the new drop-down box, allowing customers to find you.

I first talk about


2, using IP software, landing a IP, open the love Shanghai know, landing a love Shanghai ID, questions around the key questions, questions will ask questions, make a record. Ah, back on

you think ah, (hotel reservation, you live music) the word, this station, a bit of publicity are not, how could someone to search you? OK, so, we create a search environment, let others direct the search word, love Shanghai think others in search (Hotel Le you live reservation) the word, as long as the word, the number of daily points reach a certain number, will appear in the drop-down box in the hotel reservation. Ha-ha。 This principle is very simple. I know how to do is Shanghai? Is very simple, see the detailed steps I:

I tell you the detailed analysis to

, the love of Shanghai cannot take personal website URL, well, we can use the love Shanghai own site. My word is now the promotion (hotel reservation, Le you live in Shanghai) I love search, after the search, I love Shanghai. Copy down is underlined. This site will be our focus on the promotion of the web site.

1, first of all, his love of Shanghai ID, a new registration, a software for ip. This is the preparation.

I talk about how to use the

, the promotion of the website, is a hotel reservation, you live music reservation, the address is www.lenizhu贵族宝贝. Le you live reservation is the main hotel reservation service, including 18 thousand hotels across the country, covering Economy Inn Airport, hotel chains, star hotel, hotel reservation free! So, as can be imagined, the target keywords I is hotel reservations, this word, I don’t think that you can search to see, below is the love Shanghai index of hotel reservation. Love Shanghai index more than 2100, first search pages are all extended to occupy, competition is very high, can be in the front row are the high weight of the hotel website.


I love Shanghai know to do, look at a map of promotion:

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