Talk about the search algorithm after the update of the current status of Shanghai Dragon

today, more and more owners are in use in Shanghai Longfeng operation site, but the vast majority of the webmaster is a pursuit of your website, weight, rankings and flow, but not to do site optimization really sense. Only a short while ago, Shanghai dragon operation is so simple, give you a website, can easily do the home page, and can be stabilized, but now there is so easy? Only a short while ago, "content is king, the chain for emperor" was also popular, but this sentence is practical? Do this for more than a year love Shanghai update test experience, believe that many webmaster friends are thinking, you are not hard enough, but not adhere to your direction might be wrong. Our ultimate goal is to make profit, and the user is the main source of our profit, only to obtain the user’s trust and concern, it is possible to realize the possibility of profit, therefore, the user is the root of the web site.

: a user is fundamental to the

over the past year, love Shanghai search algorithm update everybody is obvious to people, and love Shanghai, before every algorithm update will be released by announcing the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform. I want to love Shanghai, the purpose of doing so is to let the majority of owners and users friends, they update algorithm to improve the ecological environment based on the Internet, the user through the search engine can be faster and more accurate to find information. The Wuhan Shanghai dragon to talk about the current status of the search algorithm update after Shanghai Dragon:

throughout the domestic search market, it is only a short while ago, Shanghai smoke, love is the search industry recognized "big headed", a dominant era is known wurenbuxiao. However, with the continuous development of the Internet era, 360 search turned out, several major search industry civil war, makes the search market has an unprecedented change. The most admirable is that the 360 can occupy more than 10% of the search market share in less than 1 years, this data makes love Shanghai fly. The same is to do a search, the same is to the user, but the industry competition is inevitable.

people are egoistic, for personal interests almost what thing does. The current search market situation, in addition to medical treatment, training, Taobao.

two: black hat Shanghai dragon will not exist

three: the website gradually regularized


in the webmaster circle, although there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Daniel use black cap operation over the site, but many stations ultimately did not end up with a good end, according to a block, a benefit, these are not a permanent solution. With the launch of love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, Scindapsus aureus algorithm, original spark program, intimate search, these informal Shanghai Longfeng operation will be severely hit, love Shanghai side to optimize the user experience, but also a user clean Internet environment. All the rights and interests of the users, and contrary to the relevant provisions of the act will be regarded as illegal operations, and ultimately will be punished accordingly.

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