Farewell to Shanghai Longfeng by Q & a promotion website optimization

two, with the account of the question and answer

with the proliferation of Q & a chain, each site has a strict management for the Q & a section, especially love Shanghai know, for questions and answers in the form are strictly controlled, when your site is not enough authority, the chain is difficult to bring into the chain of hair is much harm to the account in addition, there are risks of sealing the account, at the time of publication will be restricted, here we still recommend to promote the brand, the purpose is to publicize and promote their own websites, such as intoxicants mall love Shanghai quiz:


Management and maintenance of

some time ago to share two article on the website promotion articles are "farewell to Shanghai dragon optimization using forum website promotion", "farewell to Shanghai dragon optimization using the blog promotion website", today to bring to you the questions and answers in the form of promotion, website promotion form Q & a high degree of trust, because it caters to users tone, makes it easy for users to generate trust, and have a good ranking in the search engine, using the quiz promotion website has the advantages of simple operation, good effect, but there are several noteworthy places in the implementation:


Q & a section if not the link, is relatively safe, but if you do too much, there will still be deleted and a possible title, each account must apply for their own management and maintenance by using Excel table, put down the statistics for each account to answer the question, so we study questions you can see the problem after the visits and comment of the user information, the user’s attention that users concerned about this kind of more, can ask and answer again from another form; should do to control each account every question and answer, a IP lot of brush will brush out the consequences come, can call their friends to help answer questions and answers, it can do account security.

, the main push of the website name does not involve the link

questions and answers in the form of promotion purpose cannot be too obvious, often see a lot of friends problems accumulation phenomenon, a question should only ask one or two questions, questions and more people seem to have a feeling of cheating, other questions and answers should be fully combined with the user’s voice to do, don’t do too professional, reduce advertising and exaggerated way to purchase their own ingredients; such as tea, tea packaging, tea should be from the speed of delivery, customer service attitude, the smell and taste to answer, so let others look is very reliable.

three, account

your questions may not fully meet user, we try to answer user questions, the problem is they need to solve the problem; imitate account let Q be more realistic kiss.


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