April 2016 love Shanghai behind the adjustment of the secret


2016 April, some people are happy people worry, for the webmaster, April is a critical moment of love Shanghai adjustment, a few days ago in the group to see everybody generally discussing a problem in common, a total of Shanghai is love included down, if only one site included decreased, then it should be your web site, but the site found that most are reduced, in the face of this update, Shanghai dragon road of the webmaster Cen Huiyu specifically looking for the decide on what path to follow? Included drop site to carry on the analysis, a small series of opinion hope to help, but also hope deficiencies are pointed out;


Let’s look at the following

one of my blog, included did not decline, but rose up, the content is not much, but it is a good news, here is a look at my personal blog included rising data map;

1. station focused on content quality evaluation


2. love for Shanghai to enhance the original article recognition

can be seen from the chart, the April 23, 2016 love Shanghai for data updates, I collected from more than 400 down to 350, reduce the number of not too much, and not to change according to the terms included in the article, I also made a summary, mostly empty pages or online articles reprinted. Is love Shanghai cleared, can think so, love Shanghai have emptied the repeated data database.


in the direction of Shanghai


< > ;

to look at a website Web site can reduce the data, is a small decoration site on hand, we can see some reliable data from the map;

on my blog included rising the view, find a common point, most of these articles are before me and put it on a large platform for original articles, all to be put out, at the same time, my blog included time is shortened, the previously released an article to be included for half a month now, one day can be included, can see the figure below:

I have

through a blog included rose and a business station included drop phenomenon, can come to love the recent adjustment of Shanghai a fuzzy direction, the following view is just personal opinion, for reference only;

love this update

in the past, most of the old station has a new millennium immortal statement, rarely in the short term breakthrough ranking, now, many new sites do optimization of content in the station, most can make effect in 3 months, included from my blog can be seen, this update more emphasis on the original love sea and practical, false original article has a great impact on

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