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its own work place very close to their home, before it is work time can be controlled, and look into the house downstairs, as long as there is a wave of friction in front of him, and then put it in a few minutes to its work, so he got up in the morning time late.

since there is a shared bicycle, his living habits changed, is still the time node to get up, the first thing is to find a wave down the mount, but to open a mobile phone to find a bike sharing, then a dollar cost can send it, or his own side of the exercise side the company will be able to.

this is my sixth time to participate in such a meeting, basically every time to do a little share, but I think this year is the most difficult to write, but also the most painful year, I believe that when the presence of communication, many peers, I am referring to peer is relatively narrow, only refers to the local site of the brothers and sisters, you will feel the same problem.

A5 Adsense network admin5 May 11th news, 2013 China Internet entrepreneurs Adsense conference held today in Beijing International Conference center. In the new media forum, afternoon meeting, Jiyang founder Xu Zheng brought the theme of "platform and service" era forum keynote speech, and the owners and entrepreneurs to share local portal and how the community in the era of mobile Internet platform and services, and we discussed the mobile Internet era where website how to change the way of thinking to do the layout.

in this process, Douglas also saw another thing, in fact, today to share with you.

but to really think about it, that’s one of the basic foundations why a shared bike can exist. It’s a real solution to such a need.

to create business value, not necessarily value all, totally, the incremental market absolute sense, a lot of the time we can see the prosperity of an industry, to create the value of it, or it’s the industry’s heat, often do not see is a sudden pie in the sky a phenomenon, and.

business value is mostly the process of reengineering

as the founder of a pioneering project, if you can not find the source of value creation, the bottom of the source of the final words, his business model is almost very dangerous, or that it was founded not to play a big question mark, that he can finally go to succeed is the suspect.

Comparison of

as the title of my curry favour by claptrap, platform and service time is after the forum, which talked about what a concept after the forum, many people put their position still not clear, what is a strategy or the media, or media advertising company manager or manager of the company, you in the end in what. First of all, to sort out two ideas, what is the forum in the end, you say that the forum is a web site, is a media, neither, the forum is only a platform. So, what kind of concept do we bring now? BBS was very brilliant. It is the true representative of "self beauty". Since the media is a hot topic that has been heated by the government, the whole country has been developing from the media. Since the media itself is a platform for content and radiation media influence, it can be called self media. Although we have seen BBS in the past ten years, it is so brilliant, even if there are SNS and blog these things come out, once was very hot, once brought fresh air. In fact, has not shaken its pillar status, it has been the most popular in our Internet age, so many people think that doing web site is the forum, and doing the portal is the forum.


the whole work process occurred over a period of time, it didn’t feel such a change, but suddenly one day, when we go to talk about this matter, it will tell us a very interesting one, after a period of time, he found his cell door the friction has disappeared, a rainy day he did not take the mobile phone, and then want to find a taxi, suddenly found the skin have all not in.

here, I added an inaccurate word. It’s called "the most popular application in the desktop Internet Era". When you use your computer to surf the Internet, you use PC to surf the Internet. But now it’s not the case. In fact, many people began to feel from the beginning of last year, the real discovery of this phenomenon began to spread from this year, the new platform in the rise, >


we are now facing a common problem, do not always say, how do we meet the mobile Internet, I am also thinking. I think a bit today, if you speak out to find resonance, maybe we present a, like our theory circle and practice circle master, master, to be able to find some space from the future, but also our places worth exploring.

The transformation of

shared bike life changing case

recently went to a friend’s house inside the tea, he talked about the effect of shared bicycle for his life, we thought he could speak to the macro level more things, but he told him a life in a small detail.

you can imagine this is a scene of what, before he is after the District, will be a wave to a mount, when it used a shared bicycle for a period of time, it did not go by bike sharing one day, suddenly found that the skin is no longer exists in this process, we can see, everyone may feel.

        the following is a speech record:

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