The mobile version of Google maps launched the association of advertising

said the new advertising experience "noble baby appeal to users more and more efficient for advertisers". Of course, the fact is really noble baby said it remains to be seen.

click on the link, the user will see more information about the enterprise, such as address, phone, photos, comments etc.. The enterprise can provide payment to potential customers (navigation, click to call, click on the ad title) and free (save the enterprise information for later use, and friends to share enterprise information etc.) Click options. Only the nobility baby every ad image up to 2 pay per click charges.

[IT] Sohu news according to foreign media reports, after the upgrade of the nobility baby today in the Android and iOS version of the Maps application launched noble baby related advertising "". The user completes the search, these ads will be displayed on the mobile phone screen bottom.

advertising includes the title, text and links. Click on the link users can get more information about the enterprise. Advertisers need to understand is that this is called a "location details" click on ads, click billing.

although the noble baby involved in many business areas, but it is still the main advertising. Today released an upgraded version of the noble baby Maps application is not surprising, its purpose is to use mobile devices to get more advertising revenue.

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