To solve the grassroots webmaster can not access the domain name in the new way

Only two conditions: the first

may have the control panel is not the same, I take the domain name for his control panel is this.

working part-time to do what good website and everyone faces the same pain, but part-time workers can access the site today, why? I’m not from buying a new domain name. The solution is to specify the DNS server. What is the DNS server and how to change to do a detailed explanation below. First explain what DNS server. The DNS server is to provide domain name resolution, of course we can love Shanghai. Details. Say no more here. How to change it in what changes?

to the end he will prompt you in your domain control panel to replace the DNS server for his DNS server can be accessed, about an hour or so you can visit (or there is actually some time).

is a new domain name service provider has left a bad impression, in the group to consult everybody said the new domain name is not stable from time to time will not be able to access. However, in the past two days in mid December 2011, 21 days two days this is particularly serious, two consecutive two days can not normally access. Normal access is a direct result of income instability in Shanghai dragon Er world domain name can not, because the domain name cannot normally access love Shanghai spiders can not crawl will lead to decline in ranking drop the user experience, love Shanghai weighted down. This is the grassroots webmaster headache.


registered later to see a screenshot:

registered your domain name. Second your IP address space. If this can not understand the information provider of space.

so we replace DNS server to which server? My space recommended me a DNS server and is free of charge. As long as you register a personal account, and then step by step down operation is complete in about 5 paces. The address is https://s.dnspod.cn/

Of course, this

tip: in a DNS domain control panel see screenshot.

can be used for a long time, but still suggest that you use this after the expiration will transfer the domain to domain name service providers such as other nets or other. Thank www.wuyaoshop贵族宝贝


then the face of a new domain name can not only access solutions, the most direct is to replace the domain name service provider, but also did not expire and don’t want to waste money. So how to solve the

in contributions! Of course


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