Optimization solutions to improve the user experience content update and quality

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can make the user’s browsing interest. There is 12-1 noon when most users can rest will relax, so some Internet, this time to update once the effect is good. The last is Internet users at 7-8 o’clock this time is the most intensive, whether it is online chat or play games or visit the website, many home users love the Internet during this period of time, so the owners should according to the user’s session to updated in advance, and not a day only updated once. After all, I’ve seen a few articles, users see two times to three times, then the wonderful article will lose the interest of the users to read. For spiders, owners should not only on the basis of the spider crawling time, but the time that the spider habits of their updated content to crawl web site, the legend of the spider is such a thing. So this little update details often let many webmaster ignored, resulting in the use of content is not one of the reasons to improve the user experience.

treats the quality of website content view

many webmasters are generally morning updates, then the rest of the time is to do the chain extension. Most of the owners are generally around 9 o’clock start website, after all many predecessors have said the spider crawling at this time is the most diligent, so at this time to update your website faster. In fact, this is only part of the reason, update the content and not on the basis of the spider crawling time to update, but according to the user access time to update, generally speaking many Internet users are concentrated on the Internet is 8-9 in the morning peak, after all this time whether it is work or Internet chat or is a start, of course, if the site prior to update website content, then when the user visits the site and will not appear or yesterday’s content.

update web content

user experience is built on the basis of the content, no matter what type of website, content is essential. The master degree of control over the content will determine the user experience level, all know that the original content can improve the user experience, but the concept is too vague, what is original? Write is original? But who can guarantee that this content will be able to improve the user experience? So, for the content of the degree of control is not strong enough, which is fundamental to know the content of the user experience is not good. Today I will talk about the third class improve user experience: content update and quality

what kind of content can improve the user experience? What kind of content is the quality, I think it should ask the user of the website group. After all, I think the value you don’t also feel valuable, and you feel the quality change I do not necessarily have the same opinion. So, to analyze the quality of content and value, then it should allow the user to tell you, not where I guess. Most of the time, the webmaster should pay more attention to the user’s suggestion, after all.

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