How to realize the optimization of enterprise website content is king

title is the essence of the content on the website, but also that of the search engine, search for the main spider see the title, followed by will is the content of the website, how to write the title? User experience gives us inspiration, is empathy, to the customer’s point of view to consider. Customers need is what we need to do, good title can not only bring considerable ranking, is to optimize the long tail keywords, to attract more customers.

customers, to customers to these enterprises is also our important part of the optimization work, without these simple to do a website, no rich content is worthless. A content rich website, which is clear, is like a professional encyclopedia, has a clear and perfect the contents of the directory, so your site will have a very strong authority. This will improve our website click conversion rate, improve click quality, achieve economic benefits. This paper consists of aerated concrete equipment station (www.hnruitaijx贵族宝贝) is summarized, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, cherish the labor of others.

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title, the quality of the content, how to change the rankings and flow? A reasonable distribution of skills is one of the key words. We all know that an article ranking and keyword density have close relations, is neither too large nor too small, appropriate keywords has become a key step by step, but we must avoid keyword stuffing phenomenon, because you do is to challenge the search engine, it may directly affect the lower ranking with the overall weight of the site.

sees a lot of website content inside the headline is very good, but in later found, the content is completely irrelevant content, imagine the effect of the search engine is a program, even if the content inside is not related to the appropriate keyword density can still get a certain rank, but in the face of users completely different, even if customers find your article, go in after the discovery is a completely irrelevant content, the only one left, gently click the left. In this case, you can not flow into, will lose a lot of customers, so for us this traffic is meaningless.


a lot of people in their own website to worry about, should go to what to write, how to write? As time went on we had no fresh; with the increase of the contents of the website we can think of something more is limited, how to enrich website content of their

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