Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to do the update

1: Shanghai dragon optimization why continue to update the

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as we have said, Shanghai dragon optimization article is we need to continue to update the site of the article. This same for many webmaster for work every day, it will feel irritable, and start to use some of the tools of collection acquisition, several articles on the end! I am here to remind you that this operation is not desirable. This method is time-saving, but this method is difficult to ensure the quality of. The use of this operation in Shanghai is not very love love. How to write

I believe we have heard about the "content is king, the chain for the emperor", in fact, this sentence in the Shanghai dragon industry can be said to be immortal classic saying. To our website to get good rankings, then we have to update the persistent. A content rich website there is no readability, a readable website will retain users in a certain extent, it will give us the love of Shanghai good rankings.


3: Shanghai dragon optimization articles updated on a long

2: Shanghai dragon optimization to pay attention to the quality and quantity of

a site’s ranking was very good. But it has lasted more than 1 years not to update the content, in general, love Shanghai not too will give this site good ranking (but not absolute). Because of the love of Shanghai may think that the content of the website is outdated, for a long time not update the site, Shanghai is not the love you good. So, in the early stage of our website just on the line, we have quantitative timing to update the content of the website, as our website ranking stable, we can go to gradually decline to update the contents of. For example: at the beginning of our website just on the line, every day we go to update an article, when our website ranking stable, we can properly reduce the frequency of updates, can be 3 days to update once a week, or to update a. Only in this way, our website ranking will be stable. Like some of the common open source, (do not know what is the open source program, please refer to "what is the open source open source? What do you mean?") such as: WordPress, his website has a regular post function, when we release the article, must make good use of the function.

through the above two points we have been informed that the website article in the quality guarantee and will continue to increase. Persistent here said the update website content, and not need to update every day! That is to update the article must have the law, even the website article a week to update a, as long as you can with the law of quality. Ensure the updated rules in order to develop the habit of spiders love Shanghai. When we put the spider habits well, when we go to the site of the update, I >

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