Shanghai dragon outside the chain link and friendship in nofollow Tags

nofollow is a common attribute in the HTML tag, meaning is to tell the search engines do not track the specified link, i.e. not grab the specified link, similar to the shielding of search engines.

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tags are typically used in Web site, such as login, registration and entrance to the back link, search engine friendly tell these links can be directly ignored. In addition, also widely used in forums and blog comments and reply, in order to avoid the impact of malicious Shanghai Longfeng garbage chain on the weights of the website.

friends can use nofollow tags in the website advertising, advertising itself is directly click traffic and display, this is not the weight transfer and conflict, and can reduce the number of the tag chain, improve search engine friendliness.

I think it is also necessary to introduce the use and significance of nofollow tags.



through the analysis of search engine chain also found that although the added nofollow label, but love Shanghai is still recognized as a valid chain, the meaning is not self-evident, but the label will certainly affect, but only one of the Shanghai love judgment factors, love Shanghai according to their own procedures and make the judgment and analysis. Of course, exchange links and others don’t let him use this, everything good is always good.

it is necessary to mention is another way external nofollow nofollow, told the specific search engine this link to the chain, can not ignore the record.


in addition, the search engine has been intelligent, according to the website ranking is more comprehensive and intelligent, is not a single reason can directly improve website ranking. The site has done more friendly, more perfect, more real and useful, focusing on user experience, which will increasingly affect the weight of web site.

in some Adsense exchange links intentionally add nofollow tag in exchange for one-way chain effect, the surface is not easy to distinguish, to see from the web page code can be recognized, friends can pay attention to this in exchange links.

currently supports the tag search engine has accounted for most of the baby, Baidu, soso and noble expressed support.

recently in the Han City Link Exchange, find each other link code was used in the nofollow tag, as shown below:

foreign language: long to write something strange. I hope to help you, I wish friends good.


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