Shanghai Dragon Award website optimization value orientation to better

"site optimization" of the word, the webmaster familiar, the rise of any site have to undergo such a process. So as a webmaster if you know what the real website optimization? Many owners think, site optimization is not a day to do updates, promotion promotion chain, and then to improve the site’s ranking? In fact, so do the webmaster more to go, but why is also difficult to obtain a higher score, in where? Binary think, the key is not thorough understanding of Shanghai dragon optimization real value orientation, blindly doing the so-called optimization. So what is the meaning of the essence of website optimization? I believe this principle can explain more leverage.

has many webmaster think website to please the search engine, then you need to update the content of uninterrupted. Even some webmaster do 24 hours of uninterrupted update. But in the end, why not go to the ranking or binary? Here is that: the so-called website updated continuously, need not too observant of conventional standards. constantly updated, if possible, updated 1 times two times a day is enough. For example, take "Shanghai dragon" of the word, why every day a large number of bloggers or updated a few days time, the ranking will be far more than the company that day to do many updates? They are more aware of the significance of the update, the essence of the article is enough, but the search engine is also very seriously this point. As a result, a day of work, how much time saved? With the rest of the time, can do more things. Website optimization and see who do longer, more to see where the skills.

: do not blindly update

two: not in vain to pay

three: stabbing outside the security strategy of

said do website optimization, the chain update is the essential factor that even one hand to watch: a site outside the chain number, then the weight is relatively higher. But as a webmaster you doubted whether you can see is just a presentation? In fact, love Shanghai every day in each station with links removed, even some links will be removed by tens of thousands of. A superior ranking website, if itself has a large number of the chain, so these links will belong to the high quality links, because the link worthless had been removed as the active search engine. So webmaster, and hard every day to do the link waiting for search engine removed, than to the static under heart to find links to higher quality. What is the high quality binary links, said here tips to find those indexed by Google to the chain of the website chain, these sites are often quality is higher, otherwise it will not be indexed to chain (binary that Google on the site outside the chain to determine higher requirements).

webmaster want to tread to conquer ranking Road, optimization is essential to the station. However, now on the Internet that millions of sites, most of the optimization really nasty "

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