The prospect of sharing era of Shanghai Dragon ndustry

how to write this article today, in fact, is the future prospects of the team, about the network problems, how to think in the future this sharing era, can rely on a small circle (similar to Sina micro-blog micro, like watercress group) to aggregate a network team. As everyone knows, the development of mobile Internet market, the popularity of smart mobile phone and 3G networks with updates, and more and more Internet companies have joined the mobile Internet to grab the market, the development of mobile Internet has been a trend which cannot be halted and the consequent, sharing, the arrival of the era, but also represent the general trend.


why but said the "circle" is more suitable for pulling up a web team? First of all: members of the screening can be controlled high. Confused inside the network technology forum, too much garbage, too much rubbish on the inside of the network, to communicate and identify too difficult. In comparison, the "circle" members of the control.

two days ago with a friend about the status quo of Shanghai Longfeng industry, for now Shanghai dragon industry mostly individual combat situation lack of teamwork expressed worries. Now this time, is to pay attention to the efficiency of the team’s role, far more than single-handed to much more important. Now Shanghai dragon industry, there is a big problem, that is, a lot of analysis of Shanghai dragon related issues research, large enterprises have the ability to do, do, but they One loves what is his own. out their own research, as a commercial secret, no leakage. The small and medium-sized enterprise, the staff as originally saved, simply pull the team to pull up, even a small team, also may not give you the opportunity to do the experiment research. This industry is very difficult to develop, especially the healthy development. Then how friends mentioned the thought of outsourcing to pull up the cooperation of a team based on network. This idea should be said to have someone trying, received a list, then outsource some work, especially you do not love or trouble themselves or they are not good at the job, but can be outsourced, improve the quality of the entire project with efficiency.

said, it relates to the degree of trust and benefit allocation problem. Think of a team, the first is to a group of like-minded people with similar aspirations or work together. When it comes to this have to mention how this friend is a very personal independence of conduct people, personally think that he live very exciting, he is considering pulling a team to love him. Among the members on the network team interests, trust, interest distribution, but still feel it difficult to do. So how then give advice is a well-known technology platform based on the buffer, to gather a group of like-minded, mutual trust, and have a certain distribution of interests protection, it may be able to more easily and more good pull up a web team. A5 seems to have begun to try this out, as far as I know, there A5 himself up a technical team in the orders, but the details of their implementation, but is not very clear.

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