To discuss the difference and nobility baby love Shanghai from the view of optimization

four, the stability: Web site to do a certain rank, stability is very important. In this noble baby is much stronger than love Shanghai, from the webmaster websites we often see complain about the webmaster, is also love sea K and so on, but we seldom see the noble baby at K station. In addition, in the ranking of words, the noble baby also more stable in the sea is relatively nervous.

, a collection of speed: just find a link with a noble baby is almost one or two days can be included, and love Shanghai now generally take a week or more, according to their recent several new experimental results, Shanghai will love for web content filtering and audit system, such as a station I because, do some sensitive words, so is the object to be observed, but because the import daily update and the chain of uniform, or on the fifteenth day be included. If the site has not been collected for more than 30 days, it must be you or your station have a problem and not love Shanghai problem.

three, the content of the website: they pay attention to the original, the original content of the weights of the website promotion is in addition to outside chain is a very important means for the noble baby, feel the original content to enhance the website weight needed for a relatively long time, that is to say, want to get good rankings in the noble baby that is the need for a relatively long time. Shanghai love is the difference, the original content for the love of Shanghai, is important to the weights of the website promotion is also very fast, and even can be said to have an immediate effect, you can try.

as everyone knows, noble and love Shanghai baby on the same Chinese search word ranking is significantly different, of course English not to mention here, mainly discuss the similarities and differences between Chinese fields. Baidu on the technical level and noble baby features, the search results are different. Noble baby in the search results more objective and more accurate results. Love in Shanghai is more focused on China Internet search habits, more popular search results. Today, the author discussed the difference between love and the noble baby in Shanghai from the perspective of search engine optimization.

from the search engine algorithm and performance results, personally think that baby is stronger than noble love Shanghai so much, but.

, the two ranking differences: want to quickly get the target keywords in the noble baby ranking is not an easy thing, noble baby more seniority, more important status, if the chain is no good quality, want to make key words a little pressure of competition to row up, is basically impossible, so the nobility of the treasure, the weight of the website almost determines the ranking. The love of Shanghai is not the same, of course, also value weight love Shanghai website, especially recently, love Shanghai significantly improved, but not as noble baby so important, "the love of Shanghai optimization ranking is very important, before a lot of people can not even rely on the chain, on the web design the layout of the keywords to an ideal position.

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