The web anchor Wendian distribution is more conducive to ranking

was here a few keywords and add anchor text, then you can, in the middle of the place such as company profiles are generally in the centre, I add other page anchor text, or add some of the less important keyword anchor text, but will naturally pursue, then where is the copyright I want to add on the anchor point, if there Links added, I may dilute some of the copyright here, the basic home is so treated.


we all know, is simply in the above keywords plus links, but is the link to your website ranking often played a decisive role.

In fact, the anchor point

first, I said before the anchor text distribution site, to the middle part and the part of the rights distribution at the site of the anchor Wendian, began to put in this part mainly consider the text here more, can put in natural, but the anchor text point, but let the search engine think we deliberately cheating, if other places, can disperse some may be better, but the picture is too much, but the page is too short, the requirements of customers to do 5 sets of keywords, it certainly can’t distribution, customer requirements but we can only go to obtain ranking in the page is not good, sometimes customers and here is also very contradictory.

now I’m using less Wendian anchor, but each anchor point in the very important place in the use of the anchor text point is also diverse, unlike before is in the home, but also very concentrated, now a little flexibility is good, the most important place is the site of the head of the place, here I am often this place.

is the second, paging processing, before I really don’t care about here, did not feel what it meant, but this algorithm adjusted, I find it very necessary, first of all is done here can well improve the weights of the home page, there is a large part of the increase website traffic, is the long tail keywords bring, but also through daily updates, can make the website updated very good, doing is very simple, in the article and deliberately did not deliberately add anchor text, in fact, not cheating, I now inherent in the bottom of the article add links and keywords, keywords in the article omitted >.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently been studying how to enhance the site’s ranking, feeling sometimes ranking is not good, the reason is that most of the details, such as keyword density, anchor text, or even a small details of the site in the title, is that these problems affect the the final factor you website ranking, may be a lot of time and not because we don’t know, probably don’t care, or feel that no what, in fact it is not so, I did a test recently, only to modify the location of the anchor Wendian, did not expect the ranking improved rapidly. Below I simple the introduction, whether to help.

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