Google webmaster tools to increase the search function pop up appearance

, a new navigation:

help Google better understand your index content at the same time this may affect your web search results in the performance. This includes labeling tool of structured data, data highlighter, improve the website links and HTML.


(2) Google index

two, the appearance of pop-up windows:

> three


Google Webmaster Tools navigation has been optimized are combined, can be synchronized with the web search on the Internet in the situation, let the webmaster can more accurately understand the health status of their own website.

search appearance


here will tell you your web page in search results. Such as how people find your website (search), you can see the show in your website, click on the status and the chain, anchor text and other details.

capture options

is shown here to your site is Google spiders crawl index number, and Google to grab the content is how to understand the. Here, you can see your site index, and the extraction of Google keyword content on your site is how, in order to use structured labeling tool that Google can correctly understand the content and structure of your site, you can also put forward to Google from the search results in the delete URL request.

Google webmaster do not know if Google seems to be working, you can access it in the appearance of the question mark icon in search by clicking on the side navigation menu. "The search" will show the appearance of noble elements by examples of web search results. You can clearly see through the pop-up windows own website in the search results in the appearance, further understand the need for what changes to the content or structure, the elements can influence the search results.

July 1, 2013 Google released the Google webmaster tools to clean up the restructuring news in the official blog, after the reorganization of the left navigation menu is clearer and more convenient, to optimize the appearance of the search function, add a new search appearance pop-up window function, in addition to adding a gear icon in the top left, let the webmaster can faster access management function.

The new "


where you will see Google how to find and capture content information. At the same time here, you crawl crawl errors, any statistics, crawling, block URL site map, URL parameters and a series of information are compared to the previous version more clear.

" contains the basic appearance of search results (such as title, abstract elements and web site) and selective elements (such as links, links, website search, class activities and products of composite and the original information).

search traffic

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