Li Kaifu let me help you start your business and realize the value of the world is different for yo

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sh419 alliance helps partners achieve success in their respective fields.

from the occupation manager to entrepreneur

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sh419 alliance development from

in August 2009, 4 years of contract Li Kaifu and shlf1314. In the shlf1314 Corporation willing to sign him and gave him a $14 million stock case, Li Kaifu chose to leave shlf1314 China, founder of innovation works.

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Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

alliance to remind you: please try to modify the financial information in the month before the end of the month.

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June 16th, Provence, france. Two China students encounter in the streets was here on Business Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu, a photo of three people was a student "very excited" to be sent to micro-blog, the micro-blog was quickly forwarded thousands of times.


below member November Commission failed to pay, please login as soon as possible to modify the background of the union financial information, in order to release on time next month.

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2 the post office remittance address is unknown. The list of members is as follows:

Li Kaifu in France Chinese identification of the students because of "you" and the show soared, boss group members said that the French Education in "BAC+5" is equivalent to a specialist, plus the host for job seekers are not respected, let a group of France Chinese students feel wronged, they want Li Kaifu to be fair Li Kaifu, which triggered criticism and boycott of "you" in micro-blog.

I have reached this stage of life, then don’t do it, I’m really scared too late. Even though the road ahead is full of suspense, but I still believe that the voice of the heart. I found that to help others achieve their dreams, is only to realize their dream of something more meaningful. I believe more and more, when I have finished a lot of dreams, I more wish is to help young people realize their dreams China. Now I can finally move forward and China young people stand together, the life work experience to teach them." Li Kaifu rejected Alan · Eustace’s rich condition, in order to become an entrepreneur from a has 20 years of experience in the occupation managers.

to realize their dreams more meaningful. "

more League information is available: http://s.top.admin5/u

Commission has been paid in November. Please note that the Commission will be paid on the 25 th of this month.

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Li Kaifu decided to let shlf1314 senior vice president Alan · Eustace was shocked, because shlf1314 was planning to put Li Kaifu in charge of the Asia Pacific region and product engineering president, he would even with Li Kaifu in the salary and position on further negotiations. But Li Kaifu believes that his life is also a pity that is not achieved, and China young people together to create a miracle of technology novelty.

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made the decision, because Li Kaifu saw such a situation: >

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innovation works CEO told reporters that Li Kaifu was willing to stand up and question "you", and use their influence to promote the "you" to carry out rectification, the same with him 10 years of youth, China Chinese students’ attention is, it is a process of Chinese youth entrepreneurship attention and care, Li Kaifu the founder of innovation works.

I have reached this stage of life, then don’t do it, I’m really scared too late. Even though the road ahead is full of suspense, but I still believe that the voice of the heart. I found that to help others achieve their dreams, is the only


payment information to the last day of each month the League background records shall prevail, if cannot be modified by the end of the month, will likely result in the delay in payment is divided into 1-2 months.

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