Google launched a hummingbird algorithm to celebrate the 15 birthday


15th anniversary, the company emphasizes the development of future steps in the roadmap: intelligent function. All these services will exceed the function provided by the noble baby Now. At present, the role of design in the mobile area is larger than the desktop, there are two innovations specifically return answers, rather than the result: a new comparison engine and better filter — the latter can help users achieve a more natural dialogue through mobile devices and Google.


for a long time, the search engine has been training we use similar rhythm and vocabulary to search a variety of content, but the Google hummingbird algorithm gradually abandoned the traditional mode, let us take a more natural way to use search engine.

With the new

has been quietly using hummingbird algorithm for about a month, can provide better answers to more complex search requests. Recently, Google has passed for the user to answer more questions from content partners to intercept more page flow. But with Google’s recent revision, this trend is likely to continue.


In order to celebrate the birth of Google To celebrate the 15 birthday of Google

"we will continue to improve the Google search, making it more to share some of your tasks." Google search Amit · senior vice president; Singer (Amit Singhal) in a blog post, "this will provide the best answer for you, to facilitate dialogue, even if you’re not asking questions before give you help. We hope every day can save valuable time for you a few minutes. So, please multi valley;

in order to celebrate the 15 birthday on Thursday, Google held a press conference in the year of entrepreneurship in the garage, launched a new "hummingbird" (Hummingbird) algorithm, with a more humane way to interact with the user, and provide a more direct answer.

filter, mobile phone users can also command "tell me more about the Impressionist artist information", Google can provide more background information of this kind of artist, or other genre content. Although Google has not completely copied Microsoft’s Bing, but it is worth noting that the background and design of Google in the mobile terminal, and Google desktop search results returned by a lot of similarities.

also promised to Google in mobile search applications to provide a more uniform design, and emphasized to provide answers to the user, rather than search results.

Google search

, for example, a new comparison engine recommends that users Google "comparison of butter and olive oil" or "between earth and neptune". The original contrast is an important selling point Google rival Wolfram Alpha, so Google also focus on the development of this function is very interesting.


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