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by the end of last year, Uber seemed destined to become a new technology giant on Silicon Valley. However, the Uber CEO’s future is in a state of uncertainty because of its resignation. In the past ten years, there have been other technology companies, but they have not been able to reach the same level. Airbnb is the second highest Valuation Company in the United States, second only to Uber, valued at $31 billion, equivalent to 7% of Facebook’s valuation. Other companies have lower valuations, such as Snap, Square, and Slack.

the stable money? I think, if you love the investigation of money, then go for it, there are a lot of information on sh419, if you do not understand, then from the Chinese investigation began, familiar with do foreign investigation, stick to it, no problem thousands a month.

Zaveri, the early Internet pioneers picked up easily picked fruit and took on lucrative businesses such as search, social networking, and e-commerce. When later entrants, such as Pinterest and Blue Apron, were able to get less access to things.

in our country, there is a website that specializes in click, 03 years from the start, the past six years, there is a monthly net income of about 20 thousand, it is because of foreign click, click on your ah, a click on the $0.01, if there is enough offline, that day earn $10 is normal, but for dozens of stations together, you can think about is how much income? Here I will not name is which station.

, Silicon Valley companies."

veteran technology company is increasingly strong control of the platform, and start-up companies to contact users through the platform.

? I recently visited Silicon Valley and brought problems to some tech executives and venture capitalists.

jiayuan178.cn/ China Wangzhuan forum original works. Welcome reprint, webmaster nets starting.

novice understand where to learn, then the next thing is to make money. I was young, ignorant, see what money I do, vote, investigation, game, click, and so on, I have done, but for a long time, did not see any income. I wonder why some experts make thousands of dollars every month. What exactly is wrong with me? Finally, I realize that I’m not single-minded.

in 2010s, however, entrepreneurship was a sign of drying up. Of course, we still start business. The last truly successful big tech start-up is Facebook, who is 13 years old.

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"When we look back at shlf1314 and Amazon in 1990s, it feels a bit like Columbo and Gama’s first voyage out of Portugal," says Jay Zaveri, an investor at Social Capital,

at present, the market has been in a mess wangzhuan. Every day there are some spam messages, most of which are part-time jobs and so on. I’m used to these deceptive tricks. We go to the forum, you know, son of poor quality, for the novice, did not learn what. But I want to say is, our domestic as well as a more formal forum, you can find the search Wangzhuan in sh419 home, there are a lot of people are attracted to visit every day. As far as I know, this is the first domestic forum, there are more than 60000 members. You need to buy an invitation code before you sign up for a number.

Silicon Valley is a place where a few guys stay in the garage or bedroom can tinker with the enterprises in the world to change. In 1970s, apple and Microsoft appeared. In 1980s, AOL appeared. In 1990s, Amazon, YAHOO and shlf1314 appeared, and Facebook appeared in 2000s.

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other people told me that this was not the only reason. Some things will threat the technology giant’s dominance, the technology giant predicted today’s threats more powerful, able to launch an attack. How can they do that? They aggressively expand into new markets and buy them when potential competitors are relatively small. Some critics point out that the key parts of controlling Internet infrastructure are giants in this regard

, you see the importance of being single-minded. Then let’s analyze what projects are most promising at the moment. Net home made a survey, there are thousands of friends to participate in, and finally draw a general conclusion. Click to make money, mail, make money, investigate, make money, etc., is the highest income, and the other is the site, because if you will station technology, flow up, also can let customers to advertising. The income is good.

editor’s note: Silicon Valley is the entrepreneurial benchmark, recent Silicon Valley technology giants continue acquisitions monopoly more prominent, it seems like the electronic hardware business, giant monopoly let small companies are more difficult to expand, "VOX" published an article that the golden age of the Internet business to end, after hardware, software, mobile Internet, a giant is likely to occur in areas outside of the internet.

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