Flower and fruit financial by national fund strategic investment P2P by capital national team favor

after a year of barbaric growth, P2P net loan industry gradually mature, while financial institutions, Internet giants continue to enter, the industry heat unabated, recently, the state-owned enterprises have begun to enter the net loan industry.

lead: "state owned" also began to enter the net loan industry, flower and fruit financial acceptance from blue fund and capital science and technology group first round of strategic investment.

was able to make a powerful search for "5945 masters", but they found that users didn’t pay for it at all and no one came here to search for master. After a year of hard publicity, the search hasn’t picked up yet. More in-depth study found that the only way to find the master’s contact, did not solve the user’s problems. The phone call in the past, often no answer, and then, the master did not empty, and played 10 phone calls, it is easy to ask a master, and then come to bid prices, consumers do not know in the end is unreasonable.

it is understood that the blue fund is approved by the national development and Reform Commission approved the establishment of a national industrial investment fund, the total size of the fund is 30 billion yuan, is China’s largest industrial investment fund. All along, blue fund are actively involved in emerging industries and access to the threshold of the industry restructuring, restructuring, listing and mergers and acquisitions, the investment in flower and fruit finance, but also its first foray into the Internet financial industry.

in fact, luck will be so bad. From an engineering point of view, to build a network platform is simple enough, even if your program skill is not good, the network development of nearly 20 years, the market has accumulated numerous suite, you can use the module. The problem is, so many engineers in the enterprise, so many people will do the platform, why the real success is very little, you can say that everyone’s luck is very bad, also can say, in fact, are using the wrong method.

when the 5945 Call Master joined the first appWorks training program more than two years ago, they wanted to make the platform one step at a time. At that time, RedBeacon had just won the TechCrunch competition in the United States, and the service offered was a "home improvement master" search engine. The two founders of the psychological 5945 played wishful thinking is shlf1314 in Taiwan hydropower line search has been very poor, as long as they do this, you can like shlf1314 sell search ads to earn a lot of money. So two people spent several months, riding a motorcycle running through Taipei streets and lanes, one by one to collect information on the hydropower line back. When I told them shlf1314 Maps had "street view" service, the two faces were green.

Jamie, I want to be a platform for buyers and sellers in the above automatic matching.



flower finance participated in the fifth phase of the incubation program, too

at this point, a customer service letter gave them inspiration, email said: "I’m really busy, you can help me find the master directly?" 59>


capital technology group is one of the five platforms of Beijing municipal government’s equity investment. Since 2011, the first group and Zhongguancun development group, Beijing investment, state-owned assets management center, Yizhuang international five units jointly undertake major scientific and technological achievements in Beijing transformation and industrialization of equity investment projects. Beijing financial co-ordination arrangements for 30 billion yuan, equity investment, and other major projects to provide financial support for landing, driven by strategic investors, venture capital institutions and other social capital investment.

in 2014, along with the rapid development of P2P industry, P2P big capital intensive figure, the introduction of financial capital and the "national team", the more marked the P2P capital war will enter a period of intense competition.

engineers, entrepreneurs, most often mentioned with me is this type of entrepreneurial ideas. Then I’ll ask him, "how would the seller know if you wanted to come to your platform?" or "how do the buyers know to come to your platform?"." "Well," you continued, "it’s hard to come up with a seller without his target client.". Turning around and pulling some buyers, but not what they wanted to buy, what would he do? His answer was, "luck shouldn’t be that bad."."

according to him, the fruit of Finance on-line since January 2014, has helped 70 outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises through the way of raising the P2B to complete the financing of nearly 500 million yuan, the blue fund and capital technology group’s capital and the marriage is not just a fancy capital provided financial support, is more closely integrated with the industrial capital, the Internet financial and the real economy through industrial chain, thus forming a closed loop of Internet financial services more secure and reliable, sustainable development.

day before the entrepreneur incubator program fifth students of Internet financial platform floral financial announced that has received funding from the blue Blue Economic Zone Industrial Investment Fund and capital technology group, the first round of strategic investment, investment through joint management of blue fund and capital technology group science fund.

"strategic investment blue fund and capital technology group of fruit, suggesting that olfactory state capital are more and more into the hot field of Internet banking, the development of the P2P positive attention from all sides, which will help the industry to get more policy support, will also promote the sunshine and P2P Internet financial standardization." The fruit of finance CEO Hui Yi said to the media.

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