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            I got an idea from the web site, all want to visit a frequently visited websites every day, and there are a lot of memory. It is not easy, so we give up the web site at the same time, the use of the IE favorites, often on his own site on the favorites inside, very convenient. As a result, many large websites are beginning to operate online favorites. Network favorites also have their own shortcomings, that is, access is not convenient, because many are combined in BLOG and mailbox. You must log in to BLOG or mail every day.

happiness technology – Tech, For, Happiness, this is the singularity &m>

          I find such a program from behind, I also have a 54zz.net I am webmaster domain, again by the station admin5 to provide the space, I will add a source program on improvement in. Modified some BUG. A simple personal portal, WEB2.0, was established. I made a

web site is on the Internet and a new assistant, for now Chinese conditions, web site development is restricted, because many like a swarm of bees to do web site, the use of malicious plug-ins or Trojan that many users lost on the web site of confidence, slowly inclined to the sh419 search engine.

as a universal geek crowd Davos, the singular point · innovators summit in the forum will experience a part of the main body of the closed door seminar, the theme of the sub forum, open the main forum three conference, in two days, from the capital sector, industry and academia "The Brain" together, on the forefront of VR AI, the future traffic technology, launched a multi field high concentration discussion, this discussion is not strong but with no reality whatever level, based on the application of technology, we can see the future.

          I think from these angles that there should be an address that can access itself without landing. And you can put your own commonly used web site in a web page, and can be classified. This may be the so-called WEB 2!

for myself, you can refer to 54zz.net/hi/, u=1

            there are many improvements in the program; if you have any good suggestions for the program, you can propose.

is the evolution of the universe singularity starting point of physics, from 2014, CEO · Tesla founder Elon Musk; since in the first singularity, singularity conference has detonated a new wave of technology, Tesla UAV, jet backpack. Different from any of the science and technology conference, the singular point · let the audience innovators summit will no longer be the audience, the audience can only do the preacher believers, the guests on stage with the content of the speech cheered, but let the audience have the opportunity to participate in the tide of science and technology, are discussed together with the most outstanding business elite topic, become promoters and participants in the new wave of technology innovation torrent.

July 15th, the third session of the · geeks Park singularities; innovators summit moved to Shanghai Chinese capital city. In the world’s leading performing arts venues, Shanghai Expo Center, a two – day event that belongs to technical leaders and business elites is coming to an end. Then, the current technology innovation, to the forefront of the most cutting-edge entrepreneurs, the most visionary capital strength will be gathered in this study, the best path for the commercialization of technology innovation, combination of business and technology to better, the next "X capital" tipping point and a series of business, science and technology ultimate topic.

in the era of rapid development of Internet economy, Shanghai as China’s economic center, but in the field of scientific and technological innovation in a relatively backward state. Now, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone in the center of Shanghai is good and to spare no effort to catch up, they are added to the science and Technology Industrial Development in the flood. In the so-called capital winter, not very concerned about the valuation of industrial capital, investment in the growth of enterprise decision-making, there is no doubt that it has a greater advantage. They are not willing to do the trick, is frequently shot, involved in the early investment in technology companies.

geeks park the first to observe that this trend, for the connection of technology and capital, the singularity focus on technology innovation and capital strength from the exchange of landing in Shanghai, and the organization of the world hundreds of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, CEO executives attended the meeting, and to let the innovation explore trillion billion capital value, to obtain the most influential, the most visionary 100 industrial capital and the listed company’s blessing, to accelerate the commercialization process of technological innovation, to maximize the value of the release.

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