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the author in the "Ai Rui consulting" to see their multi network advertising industry a test: "08 years, because of the Beijing Olympic Games, making the overall size of the network advertising increased to 18 billion yuan.". 09 years, with the rapid increase in the scale of Chinese Internet users, in addition to integrated portals outside the search engine, communities, vertical sites, blogs and other platforms every day the rapid development. And the advantages of network media in terms of cost performance, marketing effect, and various forms of advertising. Under the severe economic crisis, the network media still has a higher competitive edge. 20% years, China’s online advertising market to maintain steady growth of about 09." This also gives each big "advertisement alliance" and "website advocate" added the confidence that wins cold winter.

to do good work must first sharpen his tools, in order to open, the first step is to have a person, I will print some advertising in all, some go in front of the school gate, at that time I was very excited, just like myself to do a great job, but later I found this thing really great. In this way, I recruited five people, my company is set up like this.


years ago when I experienced the ups and downs of life decided to start a career for himself, so I came to Ji’nan, I has been in this city for more than 10 years, I have to say that it is difficult, I don’t have much money, no place, nor what, at that time I even I want to start to doubt whether the idea absurd, I think if you let me know I can come to this step today, I think I can only think of four words: unbelievable; and let me see my past now, I have four words: not easy.

at that time, because I do not have what money, so in a district, rented a house, simple can’t simple, we bought a few tables, a few phones, bought some equipment, the other is nothing. But they did not abandon me, and did not leave me, I feel very lucky. When we say with a company, rather than as a family, I did not have the leadership from the shelf, then we all work on the consciousness, I am glad that although we are very bitter, but we all have hope, insist on, that’s when I found the four men are my relatives. When we eat together at night when nothing to drink, play cards, poor and happy days. So far, I have a very impressive plot, at that time we talked about a three hundred thousand customers, the customer before leaving, joked: "three hundred thousand, I can buy your company.". This sentence I remember so far, of course, this sentence was not false at the time, three hundred thousand, enough!

Hello, everybody. For the Internet, I’m a new person and an old one. When I contact the Internet when it is just in Chinese rise, but then I gradually do not want to go, because I love my work but also because more quietly look at the books, the Internet in my eyes is that "young people", but recently a lot of friends advised me to read the Internet, said speaking and writing, so I went back, as a newcomer.

with the rapid increase in the number of Chinese Internet users. Their awareness of online advertising is also increasing. The effect of online advertising also increases. This is closely related to the improvement of the overall quality of the advertising alliance.

first arrived in Ji’nan, unknown and confused

five person, a road,



today, what I want to talk to you about is what I personally experienced many years ago when I was in the process of starting a business. It was a kind of experience, and it was also a kind of experience. I shared it with you:

"the winter of the Internet is coming", which is familiar to everyone in the Internet industry, Mr. Ma Yun’s "winter" theory. Since it is winter, it must be very cold. Everyone likes to have a warm room, and they don’t want to blow the wind outside. This has caused many industries to become depressed. Every day there is news about what companies are laying off today, and migrant workers are coming home early.

that’s the start. We’ll send it bit by bit

advertising industry features

"advertising" this by advertisers and site owners favored platform, currently in the country has a lot of success, like sh419 alliance, his background is the largest Chinese search engine sh419, there is Ali.

Internet industry is not listed outside. With the arrival of the economic crisis in September. This makes the operation of many Internet companies have been no small impact. This has led some large Internet companies to change their earlier development plans and adopt a tightening strategy. Slow down the pace of development. Even some of the site’s operations have been problems, have had to choose to launch the industry. In such a "cold winter", the most popular advertising alliance, because it is advertisers, save the cost of advertising enterprises. Can give the owner of the website to take part of their own interests, can help you survive "winter."".

"advertising union" is the biggest feature of advertisers, advertising costs low, targeted, effective, cost-effective. Advertisers pay when they see the effect. This is more cost-effective for advertisers than advertising on other media. And website advocate can pass the advertisement alliance, change the flow of his website to benefit, increase the confidence that to the website continues to run thereby. This makes in the global economic crisis, when the enterprise funds have some pressure, pay more attention to advertising in the cost-effective and marketing results. Therefore, advertisers in choosing the advertising platform will be biased towards the advertising alliance.

network advertising industry analysis and evaluation

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