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Care aims to link nanny service providers to families who need nannies, and to provide them with a platform for communication. Nannies and employers can share nursing experience and advice on Care. At present, Care has the same service range as other domestic service companies, including child care, special needs care, elderly care, pet care, house care and house cleaning, etc.. Currently, Care has about 7 million subscribers, covering 15 countries and regions all over the world.

recently, Care has also accelerated the pace of international expansion of its business. At the beginning of this year, Care extended its services to the United Kingdom and canada. It also acquired Basser Betreut, a start-up company offering similar services in Berlin.


as a result of this kind of service is usually done in the employer’s home, it is necessary to consider the employer’s safety in addition to the quality of service. Therefore, Care will conduct a background survey of the nanny and will submit the relevant information to the team of professionally trained mothers.

has many domestic companies offering home services, but there are few such companies that can be widely known. In the United States, a company that provides housekeeping services has become a household name. It is Care. Today, Care has just won a $50 million round of financing. Prior to this, Care has received $61 million in financing, so far, the company’s total financing has reached $111 million.

often in a few Adsense online to see questions that do not understand technology can not rely on Wangzhuan money according to my experience, it is a must. For I know do Wangzhuan good friends are not majors in college, I had to do Wangzhuan computer programming can be said that we are not afraid of a joke absolutely ignorant of, at that time, even a simple HTML code cannot read, not to mention the complicated PHP code. After two years of exercise and learning, and now the general website code I can basically understand, and the general little changes or no problem.

with the rapid development of Internet technology, the number of Internet users has become China geometric increase in the number of online shopping, more and more people, also spawned a variety of shopping sites, do Wangzhuan more people to more, of course there are a lot of bluff Wangzhuan order mixed beads, say what the day to earn Liangbaisanbai pull off the assembly line and make what percentage, you also want to open their eyes to identify these scams, not deceived, then, according to my own experience to do Wangzhuan two years to write this article, and I hope to do not understand technology and want to make industry into the net friends some help.

in 2009, because of the relocation of enterprises to Shanghai, I do not want to go to Shanghai to work, I resigned and left the company. I haven’t found a new job since I came out, and I’ve been pregnant with the idea of making a website to make money. This time I learned from the last lesson, do not do garbage station, decided to do an industry website to make money. I saw that the website that did network dubbing at that time is relatively little, plus this industry is to provide service through the network, do not like to do physical transactions so troublesome. After a few days of deliberation and consideration, I decided to make a feature dubbing network.

site, began recruiting. I went to the sh419 Post Bar dubbing it, which sent several recruitment dubbing division posts, send a good post, half an hour, someone contacted me for application. I asked them to send me the sample and choose a few sound dubbing players for long-term cooperation. In the future, as long as I receive the client’s business, I will send a copy of the document sent to me by the customer to the dubbing division and record it. When the customer is satisfied, he will pay me. I will inform the dubbing division to start recording. The whole process is transmitted over the network, usually a business within two hours can be completed. >

I entered Wangzhuan industry in 2008, it is a foreign enterprise in Xiamen to work for more free time in the evening, I bought several program love polymerization learn to do several garbage station, applied for a shlf1314 union account, I began to make the road network. What time did not experience, but do not know what to do website optimization, website traffic for half a year or between dozens of IP levels, advertising revenue is not enough space and the cost of the domain name, and adhere to a few months, see the website traffic is not what improvement, I took several garbage stations were shut down, finally the program fee didn’t make it back.

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