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everyone. In fact, this is There were many discussions. The domestic league do more in the habit of thinking.shlf1314. Don’t forget almost no matter in the shlf1314 ADSENSE rules are: ADSENSE parameter information shall not be revealed in the account to anyone. Why do you need? One is afraid of other ADSENSE publishers know, two are afraid of customers. I think the most important is if the customer know. In practice I had a single day 100% hits. The cumulative hits over 10%. No problem. In fact, shlf1314 ADSENSE help which made it very clear: not your income is included in what we think is the malicious click clicks. The key is how to identify malicious click shlf1314. In fact, if there is ADSENSE publisher of content providers, how can not guarantee the same IP clicks? I found in practice shlf1314 calculation of effective click can be reflected in each click value. In addition to its shlf1314 ADWORDS price. There is a shlf1314 that effective click. Whether effective, each click no effect are at least 0.01 cents a day. Of course I do can do hundreds of dollars per click. Up to 3-4 more than.

1. page up contact address, phone, and other relevant proof. Most is only a certain network, because there are too many websites, what is called what network, so only the actual data displayed, in order to obtain customer confidence.

two, good service.

e-commerce is getting closer and closer to the public, online business is getting more and more optimistic, and how to do e-commerce, the author based on practical experience, I think there are a few points:

first, obtain customer confidence.

brand promotion with the old, there are a lot of activities in July minus 500-1000 yuan ADSENSE how the magic

four, choose a good courier company cooperation. < >

electronic commerce certainly cannot do without the network marketing, and network marketing depends on the details of winning out to the knowledge and skills in many aspects, such as search engine ranking, Links, network advertising, community outreach, E-MAIL marketing and so on, can get their own learning, but the beginning please some professional companies better. I also use an online shopping tool — "online customer service experts" 123kf, is the site of real-time online communication system in an enterprise, providing a real-time communication platform for enterprise website and website visitors. In simple terms, visitors to the site in the process of enterprise web browsing, just click on the web service icon, can be real-time communication with the enterprise, no need to download the plugin or software is a powerful tool for online consultation, online marketing, online customer service. You can also invite visitors to talk to me automatically. In this way, I firmly grasp the door-to-door customers, access to active marketing opportunities, in a short period of time can help the website to increase sales, change passive to active, variable flow for income.

a monthly income of thousands of dollars is not a dream, dare to do more than talk. Practice is more important. The paper briefly introduces some experience of

this is the first problem for e-commerce, because online business is just like offline business. How to obtain customer trust is the key. There are several common techniques for getting customer confidence.

good service includes not only instant response to customers, instant delivery products, but also details of many small aspects such as tone in customer telephone conversations. All these aspects have been done, and it is easy to bring good reputation. Word of mouth is the best way of publicity, with good reputation, business can not be good,.

. , shlf1314 anti cheat technology. The article how strong personal feelings are a lack of actual combat, there are a lot of misunderstanding. Or more analysis of the.ADSENSE technology level analysis rather than commercial works simple to say that if there is no click, shlf1314 and ADSENSE release are white work, a sub no charge. But there is information that ADSENSE has brought huge profits to more than 40 per cent of shlf1314, effective click really have that much?
three, comprehensive marketing strategy.

2. is familiar with the knowledge of the services or products that you sell. For example, selling cosmetics, I would like to be familiar with the relevant beauty knowledge, professional knowledge of instant answers to customer questions, and so on. So, although my mall is currently being revised, there is no publicity, the daily traffic is only dozens of individuals, but ten orders every day, business continues.

, everybody shut down!

2. over superstition shlf1314 technology, I did not expect shlf1314 also rely on this profitable.

3. customer evaluation. Try to make every customer do a simple feedback on their service, can receive many good ideas of continuous improvement from their own, in addition to pick out some good evaluation on the site, so the effect is also very good.

1. on hits and other parameters.

shlf1314 can’t cheat? From a business perspective not! We are not shlf1314, what to eat? From another side we can say shlf1314 and ADSENSE publishers combined to customer advertising consumption. Some people may say that you talk rubbish, but the fact is like this. It is a fact that ADSENSE publishers everyone in the less, shlf1314 became.

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