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said sh419 bid, we all know some sh419 bidding, many are profiteering industry, as the charm of women shaping beauty, and everywhere you can see the game, these industries have great profit margins, for those who do not have the SEO accumulation of this part of the website how to cross the threshold, the introduction of the first flow rate. Think of or use the sh419 bid. Bidding can use the shortest time to make the website can be placed on the user feeling talent shows itself, the most sensitive left position, a little Money talks, bullshit walks.. But to do competitive ranking, at least need professional SEM talents, have sharp and accurate data planning, determine key words, in order to achieve accurate target user group, on this basis for effective promotion. Otherwise, the money spent is like a bottomless pit.

1. burn sem

3., the nature of profit seeking

just a few days ago wrote "B2C" web site operators support this article evaluation system and user experience Tongyuangongliu two elements, there is a webmaster after reading to express his opinion, here also thanks his share. Of course, this article is more idealistic point of view, in fact, just start doing B2C mall will encounter many practical difficulties, these difficulties will eliminate some people into the B2C industry. After all, this is the survival of the fittest industry. In the early days of entrepreneurship, many development models are different. Some have just begun to do B2C mall, hiring senior talents to help companies and teams develop, while others are more careful in doing small things, and gradually expanding their scale. But it is foreseeable that, B2C mall early start, it may be difficult to profit, the most important thing is to grow. We see the domestic well-known, B2C mall is one step at a time, to a powerful. As the continuous progress and improvement of B2C, today I focus on the difficulties and challenges faced by B2C in the early days of entrepreneurship. Also hope that different opinions of the webmaster can find me exchange discussion.

Threat of

often said, positioning is the site, because the site location relationship with our service, people relations website operation development direction, is also related to whether you are SEO or SEM keywords to determine. So, first of all, locate the target clearly. Many webmasters who are interested in B2C have a lot of interest. They are confused by interests. Where?

, I believe that many webmaster are afraid of the server out of the situation, and some websites have been attacked, the most intuitive is that the site continues to play, the impact of the site rankings do not say, very seriously affecting the site operations. If the B2C mall marketing staff, it is a loss, need to please the specialized technical personnel to help solve. This is not a small blow to start the mall. It is difficult to attract users will therefore leave. At this stage, we need to accumulate experience and lessons again and again, improve the immunity of the website and ensure the safety of the data.

      a free online consignment of people’s war
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  />      our e-commerce website B2C to recruit enough sales staff to help sales on the Internet, they can earn a profit. Online consignment process is this: to sell personnel in person or Taobao shop to showcase our goods, if someone orders goods on consignment shop staff, can be ordered with price in our shop. After we receive payment, we can deliver the goods directly to the buyers. What the agent earns is the difference between the commission price and their retail price.
      what is "big crowd" tactics if we have 100 agents?. Maybe 50 people will sell more efficiently. If they sell one item a day, it’s 1500 in a month. Let’s assume that 50 of these 20 are still inefficient. The remaining 30 people sell one by one, 900 in one month. We can recruit more distributors and join our team to help us sell. The efficiency of these members may be very low, but in our huge crowd tactics, this figure will be quite large.
      about regional price differences; if this is sold below the net, it is a problem indeed. We have statistics agency staff address, but did not give them the increase or decrease of generation price. Because sales agents in Guangzhou may also sell goods to customers in Shanghai. The network is different from the network, and it has a wide coverage, so it doesn’t seem to be a big problem.
      this is what I envisioned our early strategy. As a matter of fact, before I considered our recruitment agent, we could cut down some inefficient distributors. But I think about it a little bit more. The tactics of "big crowd" is to recruit enough people to help us sell our products without barriers. Whether they are efficient or inefficient, whether they may sell only one item or 100 goods a month, but as long as more people join our team, >

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