AdParter text chain advertising application Raiders each click the unit price can be comparable to G

AdParter into Mechanism

AdParter is hit by advertisement advertisement effectively, click the price and stationmaster to be divided, amplitude is: 50%-90% stationmaster hits RMB0.8 yuan more than one yuan, at least bottom 0.1 yuan. Each click on the unit price of 50 yuan and GG can be as happy as.

you make a lot of money at least give us a penny, but Wangzhuan although the project is not so good to do, but there are still many people every day to do Wangzhuan, especially for some college students, unemployed workers, low income people, they are eager to get their Wangzhuan by a sum of money.

began to do Wangzhuan

station owners have been through rigorous testing, click on a good amount of credibility is also very good! Strongly recommended for use!
free application address: adparter/
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09 years in March and several friends set up a team, started going to the network inside the company to do the optimization and website certainly tired, after all, the list, and a month did not earn much, this is not practical on the road of entrepreneurship. The beginning of the road is difficult to walk, in any way lose to others, so must find a good project in a short period of time. By understanding that some aspects of the project wangzhuan.

his 08 years of contact with the network, major in computer is inside the school website, first job after graduation so I am very satisfied, the inauguration of the domestic famous Hua Jun software park, this work makes me very glory, there are a lot of people envy this work. During his tenure, he also used his spare time to contact SEO, network promotion, and through learning these have learned something. Thus, in 08 years to give their wages a lot of subsidies.

of course, people go up high and water flows downwards, so the work in the Chinese army for more than 1 years ends in December of 09 years, and hopes for a higher place to look forward to. And I feel that the Chinese army is also very depressed, too many talents, many of you, a small number of you, a lot of, this is the main reason for leaving, but also very grateful, in the past 1 years, learned a lot.

some money!

knows how to share money with others

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan


takes the road to the Internet by himself.

Wangzhuan understand and collect well, here have to go, choose the main reason of higher is no cost, short-term money fast, basically can earn the money, so you can look for the project, do Wangzhuan, wait for a better project at the time for us to do. Can, concentrate on. When the lock is the domain name for the record, we do not intend to the previous record of the site, the need for the record, it is time for the fire, so the beginning we do when the price is relatively low, a few tens of yuan, the most expensive more than 40 yuan. At that time, in propaganda and promotion has been very good results. So this is the way we slowly from this Wangzhuan money

previously introduced some content higher, this is last month on civilink earn big secret, why some people can be in Wangzhuan then fire, why some people can quickly spread, not only is a good strategy, but there is a good project, only to let everyone make money and we will follow you like do Wangzhuan understand the teacher, he has a good project, then you will follow him.

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