On the development publicity and profit of local portal information websites

06 to 07 years, this time has done a lot of garbage stations, all kinds of industries have. Cheating, once GG was K over N accounts, one of the accounts of more than 1 thousand knives. There should be about 3 thousand knives in all. Since the 07 winter, Baidu’s algorithm has changed, and from then on, the garbage station has come to an end. Tried to do industry station, do professional station, and even have the idea of doing H station. In the end, I didn’t cross the last step. Up to now, I have left a station and hung it up (pp-8.com) without management. Now start the local station.

has also released several personal views on local portals in ADMIN5 since moving to the local portal.

local portal website merchant information collection experience and experience

local portal information station preliminary development and propaganda experience summary

concerns about the acquisition of local web information

I also and some change to do portal station webmaster, like the beginning of a cavity of blood, a complete site production, publicity, profit of the package. That’s true. Let’s look at my previous releases and probably know my development plan.

but through this period of information collection, the implementation of the publicity program, encountered some unexpected problems.

because we are a county-level city, although Internet cafes are everywhere, the computer company opened, and more and more people buy computers. This can only point out that, in doing local portal information website, there is room for development. But one thing we all forget, it is very difficult for a city that is still in the development of network information to accept online shops, online advertising, online shopping.

There are too many scams on the

network, which is often reported in the television media, revealing and revealing some Internet scams. Many people are not completely understand "everything I’m hiding from" attitude. So these have decided that the development of the local portal station is slow and can not develop in our imagination and reservation. Don’t give up this how half? Do local station? No…. we should adjust…… our pace, I said in the previous articles on various publicity should be adjusted to adjust the way of publicity. Right now for our region, for me.

1: Internet cafe IE home money set monthly plan temporarily not implemented, adjusted for long-term advertising effect, give free Internet card on the machine, I want this, I do not say how to operate it.

two: in the car, bus, Township car affixed to the design of exquisite, simple advertising language, can directly express the demand of others leaflets. It’s also a long-term advertising effect,

three: in the streets, or in places where people are concentrated, bus stops are lined with posters. Tell people directly what this site can do,

four: apply for a QQ, fill in a MM data, use M>

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