Small and medium owners to win in China seven let the original more endowed with value

            an original article, not only to bring readers a new sense, but also to get the favor of search engines. A website often goes down this way, no doubt it will accumulate a large number of users, as well as the weight of search engines. But not all original will win users, not all original can effectively improve the weight. Some articles will be included after the publication, and some have been reluctant to add, as readers, more valuable articles will frequently win users sought after. Then, let the original article more endowed with value, will bring the reader or search engine worth mentioning the sense of novelty, so that people at the moment, this is the value of an article. And endowed with the value of the original, will be a lot of reprint, whether it is for users or spiders are the most friendly. Give an obvious reason: similar to A5 write original, like a very valuable article, in reading quantity is likely to be an ordinary article, reading quantity of several times even dozens of times is possible.

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