Talking about the ideas and methods of SEO in 2014

were removed from the Internet for 5 years I worked as a reading station, download station, due to their site not technology SEO technology, leading to the site frequently paralyzed, imagine a often unable to access the website how to do user experience, not to mention the weight, then mind to come, he will learn Jianzhan knowledge through the mainstream languages such as PHP, MYSQL database, common framework and source program can use skilled, finally in 2012 I will be the first successful sale of software download station. So, today I want to talk to you today is about SEO, how should do? What is the nature of SEO and the starting point? Hope that new entrants to help a friend, but also hope to get more Laoniao criticism.

first, I’d like to talk about the nature and starting point of SEO.

I don’t usually love words to explain a technical term and high-tech, I love of straightforward plain, it seems to me that SEO is to promote the website in search engine ranking terms in the course, domestically is to promote the website in Baidu search rankings in performance.

with this concept is not enough, just as farmers master the planting techniques, but are not aware of the sale of products, even if your technology to good, the final is lost.

Take the

website, the ultimate audience is the user, the user experience is very important, if you blindly go on SEO technology, and ignore the content of the website and the user experience, you will fall into a reversed causality dilemma, the problem I mentioned, because I ate a lot of suffering in this thinking, there was a time in my heart, I even think that the chain is more important than the user experience, please remember a word, short term, focus on the SEO site may have better performance than the site focused on user experience, long-term view, whether it is from the development site or return rate the focus will be to improve the user experience of the site. So, you need to think carefully about how to locate your site and how to work out the appropriate business strategy.

said more than just to prove a point: the search engine algorithm are all committed to present to the user the user needs and user experience good things, but the search engine algorithm will always in this direction to improve and close, which leads to a small number of people have the opportunity to cheat, but I hope you can recognize the essence of SEO and website optimization direction.

second, I’d like to talk about how to do seo.

has the first point of understanding, I think many friends will search engine optimization optimization have more correct understanding. Specific how to do ranking optimization,


outside the chain: the chain is in the station outside reference to the station related information, and left the link of the site links. The outer chain is like a web page that thumbs up to your web site and has a poll on your site, as far as voting scores are high

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